Territory influence exploit. 0-100 in 5 seconds

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  • What is your character name in New World: Cooperivan
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Cantahar
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: We went from 0-100% influence in Monarchs in like 5 seconds
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug I guess? Not sure how to replicate it, so I dont know.
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: People can declare as often as they want
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: We were the company that did it on accident… but we made sure not to declare. We waited for timer.
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced:

Not sure how to replicate it.


We just had it happen twice on tamoachan as well. Covenant sent Brightwood from 0 - 60 then a few seconds later were at 100. Soon after syndicate sent windsward from 0 - 100.


Yes please fix this we are having the same issue


We have loads of video and screenshot evidejnce of the exploit on our server… 2 or 3 territories got declared from 0-100% within about 5 minutes total… With NO fort taken!.. I hope these people get banned IMMEDIATELY!


Three wars in like a few seconds…


Yeah mauraders on Sarragalla(USWest) have declared war from 0-100 instantly on all 3 of our territories at the same time.

Same thing happened to us on Saragalla.

How many people did they have turning in quests? It looks like quit a lot. In the video I count 43 separate movements of the influence bar before it reaches 100%.

Hard to say if this was just a ton of people and/or a quest that is giving too much influence and/or a problem in the calculations of how much influence is necessary based on that state of each faction.

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I’ve seen a group of almost 100 only get 27% influence game, it’s definitely not legit


We USUALLY have around 80-100 people that will do PVP missions together, and at most we USUALLY get like 12%… so this was definitely not the norm. haha.


I also just wanted to give you props for not declaring war when finding this bug. Unfortunately the people on my server not only used the exploit, but decided to declare war on every territory with it.

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Look at this in seconds New World Cheat - Instant Conflict! Sarragalla Server Merauders - YouTube

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this is not the case they would have needed about 200 people there, and there have been a lot of instances of this happening with a lot fewer then this doing the same thing.

that’s perfect so you know exactly which guild to report.

Sarragalla Marauder here. To clarify, at no point did we knowingly exploit anything as some replies here would have you believe. Last night, we genuinely had ~150-200 players running PVP missions together. We declared a war after ~4 hours doing this and building up to that # of players. This honestly took WAY too long and required FAR too many people to be reasonably feasible for smaller servers or less cohesive factions. I mean, to get those numbers we had so many players on-screen that many people were watching a slideshow or straight crashed. Requiring this many people is just obscene. So in my eyes, it could very well be that this was just changed to try different values. Is it a bug? I have no idea. Is it unfair? In hindsight, yeah, it is entirely unreasonable. It certainly was too slow, but this was too fast all the same.

But there’s nothing intentionally being exploited here. There’s no input pattern or anything like that, no special methods, no secret sauce. We literally just turned in a massive number of PvP missions simultaneously. We roll as a massive group when we do this, and we planned this event last night after our success in First Light using the same strategy. What caught us off guard was how quickly it worked, not that it did. I think some of the boys got too carried away with the hype and didn’t think on it too much. Then a bunch of companies bid on the wars and wham bam one company got lucky with the rolls.

So, hard to call something an exploit when all you have to do to “exploit” it is literally do the exact thing the game tells you to go do. I’d absolutely call it a bug or mistake on the devs’ end, though. We could’ve proceeded to declare on all of Covenant territory as well, but I think cooler heads prevailed and said “Alright maybe something’s not right here” and stopped.

All this to say - no, there’s no secret sauce exploit here, we literally just massed a ton of people and ran the PvP missions. Whether the amount of influence we got for them was intended or not, I can’t say. If not, I’m sure all of us in the Sarragalla Marauders would be perfectly happy to have the declarations cancelled and the funds we spent declaring them returned to us without issue. That’d only be fair. If it is intentional however, then it is what it is. It’s not like a declaration means you lose it, it just means you have to fight for it. Making declaring war in itself require hours of huge groups running in circles may not be intended itself. Perhaps the original behavior was a bug? We can’t know until someone with authority says something about it.

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We notice the same bug / exploit on our server.

What i think is that it’s a “bug” or “wrong number” for the “bonus you have while being outnumbered”.
Litteraly 1 guy doing PvP quest in the entire area, he gave back 3 pvp quests the area went from 27% to 43%…
He wasnt “exploiting” intentionnally talked to him to understand.

I can only see this explanation… as it doesnt occure when you do the defensive quests. Would be interesting to know if all people complaining have the same “problem” on their server.
So the “bonus” for low pop faction if pretty high and definitely too high cause you can’t even have a chance de defend.

This is happening in Vourukasha as well but conveniently only happening for Marauder’s.

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We were recording and watched as Marauder went from 10-100% in literally seconds. That’s without a fort being secured. In fact, the bug has been recorded and shown before, companies going from 0-100% in seconds. They also happened one right after the other in less than a minute. There may not be everyone exploiting, but a considerable amount were and/or knew of the exploit and used it. I still have no idea how it works…

The group that was pushing the influence was doing it with much less than 150-200 people, and ALL that influence without fort happened in seconds. Again, there’s no legitimate way to do it. It should be investigated and people banned that participated.


The same thing happened on the Saena server, me and my covenant comrades defended Windsward territory by completing pvp tasks, and then several marauders completed quests, increasing the value from 0 to 100% in 7 seconds.

[3:29] - 1% influence Marauders
[4:43] - from 1% to 100% in 7 second


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