Territory Influence/War Revamp Suggestion: Open world PvP Skirmishes/Epic War Campaign

Territory Influence:

Besides capturing forts becoming part of an open world influence push factor, it would be nice to have a kill count displayed on the map that has a max # of kills that must be reached through open world PvP activity in and around the forts that would then trigger a war between the factions who have the top two kill count.

The announcer tech can also be used during open world skirmishes to turn the whole battle into a lively event listened to by everyone in the game world.

This would also push all three factions to competitively try to get as many open world kills as possible in order to declare war and win/own territory.


Wars would become an event between an alliance of companies from a single faction v an alliance of another faction’s companies allowing as many players on the entire region via cross world tech, not just a single world, to participate in an epic week-long war campaign that has a set daily amount of wars, and whoever wins the most number of wars at the end of the week, wins the war. This would also take care of the issue of having to merge servers all the time and the can of worms that it opens.


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It’s easier this way.

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