Territory Management / Crafting Stations / Future

What happens when motivation to upkeep a territory dwindles and corrupted invasions take over and downgrade crafting stations… Is there a failsafe so solo players can still play the game or is the game dead at that point?

I understand, this is an MMORPG. yadda yadda. If you look at Old School Runescape, its an MMORPG with no grouping, no group content, only trading/social as forms of multiplayer.

New World is designed in a way that requires active groups to maintain. It feels/seems like a fulltime job rather than a game.

Imagine owning 3 houses. You now need to play the game 40+ hours per week in order to pay tax. The gold you get relies almost entirely on the economy, which is already dwindling and nothing is worth more than 0.01g… Monsters drop 5-8g SOMETIMES and quests give 8-12g…

I guess what I’m getting at is that this game feels like a fulltime job rather than a game you can login to and have fun. I am having fun gathering resources/crafting, but as mentioned above, if there are no companies maintaining territories, the solo player won’t even have a game to play.

The plan is to merge servers to sustain population. That’s why servers are in clusters on the server screen. As of right now they have not outlined any other plans for faction balance or other population balance mechanisms. Only thing I’ve seen is they said they have “ways” to manage it, but no details other than server merge.

So we’ll have to see i suppose.

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