Territory Ownership by Server?

Looking for a website that shows territory ownership by server. Since we can’t create multiple characters it makes finding a new server difficult. I would like a us-east server with mid to high population and an evenish war.

As useful as this would be, I do not believe on exists, nor do I believe there is enough current motivation to create such a website as there would have to be at least 1 person in each to be able to observe the maps as the territory changes. Which getting Total Amount of Servers divided by two for the amount of people needed to do this thoroughly might be rough. Might be able to get some, but not all, or one person has to find a reason to have lots of accounts.

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AGS does not have an API with this data, not possible as of now.

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You can create multiple characters, just not on the same server, and only one additional character per server group.

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