Territory Season Reset

For Guarantee more equity and more “playability” for the pvp siege of teh guild, will be good if we can implement a kinde of season territory reset.
Making this kind of solution , we increment the possibility also for small guild to had territory and make more siege for such guild are pvp focused.

Some kind of PvP seasons would be nice. However changes would have to be made to how territories are initially captured. A simple outright purchase, regardless of how much gold is necessary, won’t do. If they introduce some sort of battle, maybe even three-way - who knows - for the initial capture of the territory, then that could be interesting.

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YEP, other solutions can be the possibility of (IN ALLY WAR) for capture the city.

I suggest Tarkov-like vipes
Tarkov-like vipes: from zero to hero to zero to hero to zero to hero…

As long as the big companies are hoarding more money than “equity” players, it wont do anything.

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