Territory Standing Cards Respec

This is a low priority idea repository.

Main Idea – Offer a respec for Territory Standing cards ( without losing standing )
We should not be permanently bound by our new player decisions when we didn’t know any better, or by situations and circumstances outside of our control.

Reasons for A Respec Option

  • Missed out on important cards
    • There are cards that are only available at certain levels
    • Such as Storage and Housing Items
  • Play-styles may have changed
    • What is obvious now . . . may not have been obvious while leveling
    • The leveling experience is different from the endgame
    • May not be in the same mindset as months ago
    • Can be seen as ‘ruining’ a character
  • The game is constantly changing
    • Remember the gathering speed / yield miscommunication ?
    • And the property tax reductions ?
    • Stations can be downgraded
    • Governing companies can change
  • Moving territories
    • Housing
      • Property Tax Cards from before the lowered tax changes
      • Housing Items Card
    • Main territory for crafting, trading, gathering, questing, etc.
  • XP Gains are not utilized after Level 60

Possible Cost Requirements

  • Gold / Coins
  • Azoth
  • Cash Shop
  • After specific checkpoints
    • Standing Level 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300
    • Player level 60
  • Craft-able item
  • etc.

Additional Controversial Ideas

  • Show the percentages on the map
  • Add a cooldown between each respec to prevent abuse
    • 30 days ? 60 ? 90 ?
  • Increased cost of respec the higher your standing level is
    • Respec-ing at standing 20 could be cheaper than at 150
  • Add a CONFIRM and UNDO button once you respec
    • This would require the interface to show all the cards and percentages at once
  • Implement a cap for each card type with a percentage
    • Maybe 50% ? Something lower ? Higher ?
    • Such as having the trading tax capped at 50%
  • Options
    • A repeatable option
      • Allow the respec to be used whenever the cost requirement is met
      • I support this option
    • A one-time option
      • Per territory
      • Per character
      • One free token for existing accounts
  • Remove the 300 cap
    • Implement a system similar to the trade skills aptitude
  • Remove the Housing Ownership card
    • Have it be automatically unlocked
    • Show the other cards instead at Level 10
  • More variety in card bonuses
    • Azoth gain
    • Crafting / refining XP
    • Crafting / refining yield
    • Encumbrance
    • Enemy wards
    • Faction vendor costs
    • Gathering yield

Devil’s Advocate

Opinions against a Territory Standing Card respec that I acknowledge

  • Decisions have consequences and you have to live with them
  • A respec is greedy, unfair, and could be abused / exploited
  • Could possibly affect the economy (?)
  • Leveling territory standing is slow and just right
  • Leveling territory standing is easy and fast – just do x, y, z and BOOM you’re 300 in no time
  • Respecs would promote easier leveling, gathering, crafting, trading, and more
  • There are other options to choose on your way to 300
  • Go start a new character and choose your cards again
  • Search a guide for territory standing cards and plan it. They aren’t randomized. Example
  • Use the temporary music buffs for gathering speed, standing gain, etc.
  • The current system can be removed and would not change gameplay at all

TL;DR – gimme a respec option for territory standing cards. i regret my xp gain cards and missed out on housing item cards. i didn’t know any better.

Happy adventuring ! :rabbit: :two_hearts:



This is literally the only thing I want from AGS

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I agree, the game changed so much that some of the territory standing cards are now redundant and I wish I could just pay something and just respec. It shouldn’t be solely just gold, bc casuals wants to do that too and they do not have the oportunity to get that many gold and sink it in another stuff. But combining gold, azoth, lvls, items or resources would be great.

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+++99999 UPVOTE!! Ranted about this once here in the forums and you just created a fantastic and detailed idea that they don’t have a reason not to implement

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This should be a high priority QoL update for sure. People made a LOT of mistakes early on that would be nice to correct, now that we actually know how the perks work.

I’ve also always thought it strange that we can’t see our numbers in-game, except when we’re spending a perk point. We can see all of our buffs in a given territory, but we can’t see what our perks do for us there? Makes absolutely no sense at all.


I agree… and it is not just mistakes people want to “correct”. Most of the game changed since it was launched. Crafting is easier, territory standing is easier with songs now… gathering is faster with songs, so most of the cards are just useless…

I also agree with the statement that we should be able to see all the numbers we put the cards in… Makes 0 sense for us not to know, since the game obviously does know bc it shows it to you when you select the card.

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