Territory Standing gives too much Housing Score

As the title says I believe territory standing gives too much housing score. I spent some time today to go around and look for top homes to get some ideas and as it turns out a good amount of homes on display are just a bunch of chests on the ground and some ash furniture or store items.

Here is a screenshot from each example, this is not targeted towards anyone just the system in game. I’d add more screenshots from each home but then I think this would be a massive wall of pictures(kinda already is):

262k Score

226k Score

380k Score

Of all of these I think the last one looks good because it has made an attempt at something and it actually looks nice, but 380k is a massive amount of points for mostly Tier 1 and 2 furniture items.

Then there are some empty homes that have a good amount of points like:
73k Score

After this I went out to find furnished homes with more than just ash furniture and store items. Their scores were very well lower than the more hastily thrown together homes.

64k Score

72k Score

The fact an empty home can have as many points as one of these furnished homes doesn’t make much sense to me. I propose territory standing no longer be applied to housing score, or at least give it a modifier based on furniture score(appears in the top right when in decorating mode).

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