Territory standing once more

Hi All,

As we all already know territory standing is not in a happy place for players for a time and at the moment it went even more downhill in my opinion.
With recent updates, we need to be able to reset it even more - and let me explain why

  • More tokens become a legitimate option as we can now buy orbs/gypsum for them
  • Home tax is absolutely obsolete (And I am mostly mad about this one as I have 63 in Everfall and basically priority was storage > extra rep > housing tax) - now I have like 30% reduction - which was great when taxes were at 15% there (3k weekly tax = 900 gold saved). Now I save 60g on it - which on my server equals getting soul motes from 2 rocks.
  • It’s too easy to fat-finger option (Guilty as charged)

It would be fair for a full reset to be an expensive one (with Azoth being less used I’m happy to pay the full 1000 for it)
But also cheaper ‘Reset the last choice’ would be great to have.

And at the very end - grind itself - I know it’s not supposed to be easy, but I consider myself casual PvE. With recent Achi for 720h in-game and 478 breaches closed and avoiding end-game locations whenever I can (So what I do mostly gives me some extra standing) I am not even brushing towards completing the steam achievement list.

I created a spreadsheet specifically for that and it looks dire - to finish off all cities you need 62 million standing in total (61 916 250 to be exact). After 720h I am at… 1,44% of that number.

Here are a few things that in my opinion could help without breaking the game

  • Territory standing gain to be more linear than parabolic (Lower amount at start levels, but higher at later - at the moment in Everfall next point gives me less than 1%)
  • Dynamic gold reward for board quests (ie to take into account prices for items in the last few weeks - therefore you won’t need to drop 50 Ori bars for 9 gold - which let’s be honest is very discouraging.
  • More named mobs around maps that would give a nice number of standing
  • Daily Quests/Daily objectives - nothing fancy, something repeatable that gives a hefty amount daily - like kill that mob, or bring 2000 greenwood to refill cart - bonus would be if a territory is controlled by your faction (And yes I know we have a board for that - I’m talking about one special per day that gives you a bit more exp than others)

Your thoughts guys?

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