Territory Standing Respec

Please add the ability to respec your territory standing. Even locking it in every 120 days like your faction is would be fine. The way your standing points work is not well explained.

The game allows you to respec almost everything at any time to play how you want, but randomly this one feature is permanently locked. The system is not explained at all, it’s never said these are permanent, it’s never said that these are not random, it’s not explained that you will not be able to max them all. The system needs more explanation and an opportunity for respecs.


needs to be able to respeced for when people accidentally select the wrong thing like I did.


YES, idk how it would be implemented but its NECESSARY, so many wasted cards end game

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I can start a character and spec all level bonus, to power level, then at 60 switch to storage?

If you allowed to respec standing, you should also reset your level to 1 and start all over.


Please AGS let us respec the Territory Standing.

It is so easy to make mistakes by choosing the wrong card because there isn`t even a confirmation dialog to let us think twice about our choices. If you click the wrong card by accident, GG

Another topic about the problem:

Do you also want it force you to level 1 for respeccing weapons and attributes? Might as well start a new character then. No one who’s interested in a long-term character would pick xp bonus if they knew it was permanent. You can have a cost associated with respec same with weapons and attributes.

Nope don’t allow this, just pay for another slot or pay for another game :wink:

Enough with respect … we don t want to be all the same, screw the meta

You would be content knowing your character is permanently distinguishable from everyone else only because you picked different town standing points? No one will even know what another person’s town standing points are unless told.

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