Territory Standing Respec/Reset

Hi, I’m sure this has been requested for before but I’m trying to have an updated thread on this topic. I just hit about mid-game and I’m starting to understand the game more and watch content on the game to have a better understanding of it. I just realized that I wasted a boat load of my territory cards on useless/trappy picks, especially the XP gain, gathering speed and trading fees in unpopulated towns. I also haven’t picked up any of the storage ones so it feels shitty losing permanent storage. Since this is the only permanent thing in the late-game and goes all the way to lv300, there should be at least 1 respec for this (free or with azoth for the first time) since a lot of noobs including me picked the wrong cards for the early game.


I completely agree with this. I too picked other things than storage since I thought I could just pick the storage later on when that became a problem.

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I agree, it’s strange that there is no such possibility.

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