Territory wars are boring, know a way to fix everything

The best way to fight for and maintain territory is to extinguish shared houses, with only one house per player. Lost territory, lost home. And in order to have territory, all the houses must be occupied and players have permanent tents around the settlements by one faction only. Wars cannot be scheduled, the conquest of territory must be carried out freely any day or time, by any player who wishes to participate. When a faction conquers more than three territories, the game imposes a period of peace that only ends when the opposing faction obtains more points in championships in the arenas.

That way NW will stop being an emotionless colorful backyard.

Create quests with personal stories, NW has no hero journey for players. There is MMO in NW, but there is no RPG!

For more RPG in NW!!!

Took part yesterday in a try influence a territory with a team of 50-80 of my fraction versus 50-80 of the other. Must say the hole territory felt like a war. People were running around doing quests and fight like there is no tomorrow. Was fun. What tents?

First: instanced war is not war at all.
People were running around doing quests and fight like there is no tomorrow… and no war indeed.
Was fun? Obviously not.
What tents? Why, you’re playing NW?

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