Test Dummie Change on Ptr.. Ruins testing

No idea who asked for this Change.

But it ruins testing



lol, probably by design since people keep learning “too much” about stuff. Likely the same reasons theres no combat logs or dps meters. The more you know the more the devs need to balance.

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Just… Why?

Please fix this. They’re training dummies for a reason. This ruins the whole purpose.


Likely was a global change and they did not realize test dummies are affected. Typical AGS.


@Luxendra pls revert this change

Wasn’t this to avoid people resetting skills? Same as within the fort, I remember a thread about this.

Maybe towns need some dummies, but those on active combat areas were being used as skills resets, or you ended up auto-aiming to them when you were trying to nail the guy in the vicinity.


its for real?

DPS meters will be a bad thing. Just generate toxicity.

This is about dummies. It shouldnt be changed like this. Another stupid change.

It wont…

M10 with 625 GS allready created that, same as full ward Sets…

Nobody asked for any Dps Meter here anyway…

Yea, all this full ward etc isnt really required helps but not mandatory. You just need to practice and get to know mechs. People just want instant results. did Ennead yesterday, first time got grief for not tanking it like a pro.

And the amount of DPS that don’t understand how Taunt works… bosses scripted to ignore taunt at times, you do silly damage you will pull agro no matter if tank has taunt. No patience instant experts :stuck_out_tongue:

I play NW for fun not to prove something :stuck_out_tongue:

me too, and i enjoy to max dmg possible

And what is mostly needed, to show up that some classes are underbuffed ^^

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