Test server for patch testing?

Don’t some games use a “Test server” to upload a patch for people to play around with before going to live servers?

Wouldn’t that help with what is happening with all the bugs during patch time?


Thread needs help. If we had PTS realms a lot of this stuff would be caught. Want to help?

lol nice, didn’t even see that thread

When you have no test environment, prod is test, welcome to poorly funded IT, even though this game has made millions for Amazon. Won’t hire additional staff to bug fix game breaking issues, let alone give up some AWS server space for a proper development / test environment. That’s what we are for right, this game is still in early access right, not a complete product? Wait Why does Steam not indicate this is early access? hrmmm.

I agree. Patching the live client is obviously not working out too great for them (and for us), so I think it’s time for a test client. Each week there are more bugs and major exploits introduced than they’re patching out of the game, it’s embarrassing.

Do a patch biweekly instead of weekly and let us test the patch beforehand on a seperate client before it goes live. Easy as that.

A PTR makes sense for major patches, but honestly they don’t usually use a PTR in a game like WoW for a small bug-fix patch like today’s patch. They use them for major content patches. Today’s patch was supposed to fix bugs not cause dozens more.

They need right now a PTR server.

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