Textures not loading

This happens very often, a lot of the time NPCs will spawn with no textures so they have potatoes faces.


I get this too. The longer I play the worse the textures get. Relogging fixes the issue but that’s not an ideal solution with the queue times! I’m experimenting trying different Texture settings to see if that changes it.
Update Changing Textures from Very High to High improves the problem. It still ocurrs and some textures never load but others are just slow to load (in comparison to never loading on Very High)

I don’t think changing from v high to high is what helped, just changing the texture setting to anything fixes it temporarily, at least for me.

Just for the record I’m playing on the high preset with very high textures using a RTX 3080 on a NVMe SSD with 16GB 4000MHz RAM, so I really shouldn’t be running into streaming issues.

I have noticed this too, but only after the patch yesterday. Agree that it’s not our PC hardware wise (3090,8086k@5.2 ,32gb 4000,SN850NVMe)

Latest drivers installed, file integrity checked, reboots.

The faction NPC flags, cannonballs and smelter are most noticeable taking upto 10 sec to load high Res.

Are more people getting this, would be nice to get it on Amazons radar.

I have this issue as well and I’m on an AMD system:

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
XFX Radeon RX 6900 XT 16GB MERC 319 Black
32GB RAM 3600Mhz
WD Black P50

The temperature of both the GPU and CPU is around 60 degrees celsius which is pretty much freezing temperatures for them. I have the latest drivers and my WD Black is healthy as can be. No other program is open except for Steam and New World.

Just wanted to say that I too encountered this just 1-2 days ago. I started noticing this outside of crowded areas/cities too, as I initially thought it might be just in zones where there is a lot to render, but even on crossroads where I had an NPC his textures looked really bad. I literally had to walk right next to him for them to load up.

To be honest I think I also started having this kind of issue since the latest patch. Relogging/Changing settings seems only to temporarily fix the issue.

I run:

  • Nvidia RTX 3060
  • i7 10th gen
  • 32Gb Ram

Hope the devs can take a look into this at some point.

That is exactly what I have to do as well to get some of the textures to load; walk right up to them, REALLY close. I don’t know if this started after the patch or before because when I first played I was focused on so many new things that I probably wouldn’t have noticed it then, haha.

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I think it’s too big of a coincidence to notice just now, considering how obvious it can get. Especially when you’re approaching a lonely NPC by the side of the road. This didn’t happen before, or at least not on this scale.

I had an similar issue, textures in mid distance and above were blurry, found this to be helpful:

This Problem is getting much more apparent in the last two days for me.

RTX 3090
R9 5900X

System should definitely not be the bottleneck here.

That is the thing, all of us in this thread have high end systems far above the recommended system requirements. And we’re also on different platforms and combinations; AMD, Intel and Nvidia. Which makes it hard to believe that it is our end that is at fault here.

It could be a driver issue but then that has to be shared between Radeon and Nvidia drivers. It really sucks because it pulls you out of an otherwise beautiful and immersive world.

I did a quest where I was going to defeat a big enemy that looks like the last boss in the Amrine Excavation dungeon and when I traveled to the spot everything looked awesome, and then I get to the enemy and he’s completely washed off of textures…anticlimactic to say the least.

Same with me. Mine doesn’t affect the terrain though, just NPC’s, armor, and faction flags.

I haven’t seen it on terrain either, only on objects such as NPC models, smelters, ore veins, statues etc.(the list is long).


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