Thank You AGS for allowing Shard Selling. RANT

i just want to say thank you for AGS and Devs that allowing such a mechanic for people to buy shard , and never work oh their mechanic and somehow running in m10 and malding in the first wipe and leaving the group ruining the run for everybody. cause now nobody want to join m10 bronze run if its not at the last boss.

i know this week is a harder mutation. Tempest ( Frenzied ) & Depth ( Hellfire )
but if u a shard buyer please work on your mechanic.

i always play with pug and this week is the worst, its like 5 times i got someone who is malding and rage quit in the first 5 respawn. and the group has to be disband

FOR AGS : ur system is broken, its literally p2w ( selling shard ) right now.
the way you should do “CARRY” run is u stick with the team from the start. if you have low gs or no experience and you should do less and let the team do the rest because you are paying for CARRY. not just appear / invited at last 1 Min before they kill the boss.

and where is the gold from this player who buy the shard come from ? its 20-30k for 6k shard nowdays. and u tell me u could farm 30k in a couple hour ? funny.

AGS is literally encouraging player to BUY gold by this shard selling mechanic…

the sugestion i have for u AGS cause u seems so incompetent is you should disable party invite during combat / when you already engage with boss fight.

and for the shard buyer maybe they should get credit on boss kill (0/8) boss and that would count to how many shard they get. so its will eliminate the entire shard selling stuff. GG

Wondering why shards are still not tradeable at this point.
It doesn’t make any sense.

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