Thank you AGS for punishing players with artificial content AKA Gypsum Cast cooldown

Whilst we are imagining stuff I imagine they would have some sort of catch up system.

Based on what, their display of doing the opposite everywhere else?

Sorry thought we was all making stuff up as we went along…

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The Void Gauntlet is already an example - even something starting less than 100 points back of everything else is rather terrible.

I simply don’t see the issue with being allowed to put the Gypsum where I want to put it. There’s already daily limits on how much we can use.

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The bigger problem is the developers editing the actual code vs the people managing them.

There’s a disconnect…

  • adding content vs fixing content
  • adding content → new bugs to fix
  • cycle continues

They need to fix everything first before adding content or changing systems.

100% of the time right now needs to be fixing everything that is broken.

Then they can actually focus on making the game better one step at a time.

  • Every crafting cooldown needs to reset at a preset server time, like 12:00:000 server time.
    • The way it is right now, each player has their own countdown timer.
    • Each player, for multiple crafting things, HAS ITS OWN COUNTDOWN. why?
    • It’s so messy, I don’t understand why they made it that way.

Because they are specifically trying to avoid allowing players to rapidly focus on a single element of the watermark system. It would be a severe example of the ‘min/max’ system. The system as it was initially designed offered no ability whatsoever to target exactly what you wanted to work on; now that they’ve introduced that ability it would be a massive revision to allow you to not only designate the item you want a better watermark for, but also dogpile all of your upgrades so that you can get to the cap in about a week.

Imagine… saving up all your gypsum to level up a new build in 10 minutes… let’s just go back to buying gear from TP?

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If I want to do 8x ring caches, I should be able to.

Whats worse is when your orb CD is behind your cache CD… So your basically waiting on the cache CD.

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For real? U r missing some real in your life and perspective.

Btw, I find the system great. Loving it. Could be a little small, I’m progressing too fast and not even playing much.

Everybody will start on the same LVL, I see no issues. Your problem is the way you play the game. Go play something you can buy for top gear.

Of course its slower with Gypsium. You could just grind the level 66 Tentacles every couple of minutes for only 2 to 3 days and max out Gear Score before. Or 2 boss areas that I know of.

Now it will take 3 to 12 months for a new player. This is seriously giving no-lifers who maxed out their GS in only 2 to 3 days previously a massive advantage.

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I don’t get why you place so much on the GS… I’ve done all content in the game just fine sitting at 530 gear score. Why are you so dead set on getting max gear score so fast? I got like 4 upgrades 2 nights ago when I played just getting the orbs then got another 4 from using them. Seems just fine progressing.

Imagine being actually able to play the build you want with decent weapons!

The thing is that the inability to target anything is a detriment to the old system.

One of the highlights of the new system was supposed to be finally being able to choose what gets it.

If they really don’t want to let you do that they might as well get rid of the Gypsum Cast entirely and just have us left click the Gypsum Orb for a random Expertise upgrade.

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Right, just easy. :+1:

Why would they worry about catching up quickly? Seriously, it’s not e-sports, there’s no prize money, there’s no scoreboard beyond gearscore…so what, exactly, is the hole you think they’re going to decide is too deep to dig out of?

In fact, wouldn’t a new player being able to quickly and easily catch up to long term players who’ve been grinding hard to get where they are invalidate the grind?

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I thought the new Gypsum system was going to be a disaster but it’s actually not bad at all.


The biggest problem is AGS thinking that they needed to add a grind system so such a empty MMO in the first place.

We aint paying a sub, you don’t need to grind us for a monthly fee guys.

If the endgame is PvP, then let us get there and add some pvp content, as I didnt buy this game for more instanced PvP we get in every other crappy mmo.

Make the pvp good, you can remove the grind and we would still play for hours on end for years on end.