Thank You AGS For Your Response to the Exploits. 16 HR turnaround. Permanent bans

Most recent update:

16 hrs, working overnight, minimized impact on economy, minimized impact on players, fixed it fast. Then went on for a sick burn on the players that did exploit and attempt to ruin the game for others. Good job. Keep it up. We have entered a new era. Now get us a dev blog and some hippos! WOOO!!

Continuing the discussion from [Downtime] September 23rd, 2022:


OG Post:

AGS in the past. Exploits running rampant and AGS not as aware that there are going on because people probably saved a ton from beta and waited to exploit them on launch. Trading shut down and stayed down for a while. Many people got away with it.

AGS today. Internal alarms triggered. Immediately shut down trading to minimize damage. Have internal systems to track all of the dupes items/gold. Know exactly how it happened and how to fix it. Have hot patch ready to go when fix is available. Literally release a post that reads between the lines, YOU LITERALLY TRY AND FUCK WITH US WHILE WE ARE HAVING OUR COMEBACK. WE GOING TO FUCK YOU UP. Then proceeds to permanently ban everyone that used exploit. Granted they did a good job with the last consumable ban and really went down hard on the bans, it’s refreshing to see this. It’s almost as if they did it on purpose to flex haha.

Daaaamn. Good show.


Yeah, I wonder if AGS actively allowed this dupe to exist to weed out exploiters in general. A funny thought it is indeed lol. 300 IQ move.


We’re taking this extremely seriously and moving very quick on this.


very impressive!

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200 (5)


How do you know this?

I consider this disabling of trading to be knee-jerk and overkill. Each time.


Halting trading helps them research logs with hygienic data.

I’ve seen the alarm types on json so good to know this confirms that they are in use.


Ban all scum


Hello @MysticoN, you can also follow up with the thread that was posted today at: [Notice] Disabling Player to Player Trading - September 22nd, 2022.


Thanks, knew about that post. But @Blackxp talked about perma ban and your post talks about ban. Did not know that was the same thing in this case :slight_smile: But im glad you can confirm that :slight_smile: Keep up the great work and we all hope you where able to clean up all the mess those cheaters created

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why not also work on the second biggest problem while you’re at it? The bots.


Keep up the good work! Also devvv videooo soon? :D?


bots are in every MMO and really arent that big of an issue lol. It’s impossible to get rid of bots theyre just part of MMOs, just learn to let AI not bother you as much as it does =)

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I just like how ags alow legit hause rend dupe ;D pay 40 company get 400 ;D its small thing, but mony just copying ;D

Its easy, just need make system were 5 ppl report you and you get flaged for 3 min, so ppl can report bot and kill him ;D

In game have lot cheaters I mean in general who afk run who BOT.
Even if go to chest run look at these arrows they shoot all these land to 1 spot i mean i not touch pvp but there is way to see how many ppl use every day aimbots. Whatever weapon need aim they use aimbot. But yeah every game where is pvp there is cheaters too.
HWID bans are not effective everyone an change in windows it to whatever they like or even exist cheat tools what are fake HWID. TCP packets or UDP are not encrypted its dangerous if tehy start to flood servers with fake packets if they find out or its allready happening.
1 thing more stop sending to out palyer location in game its kills many bots at least ranomize location value so in pc player location is different to every one so bots cant read where they are.
Even sending data to webservers that game sending data out to network its bad thing if its accsessible to eveyone this playerdata not should go to public.
Many mmos have cooldowns on harvest materials some mmos even have 24h cooldowns to prevent mass botting grinding in rare materials like ores and some ironwood, blue trees in game these should eveyone there instead shared trees or ores and some other fibers or silk etc.

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have to give props where it’s due they are progressing well.


You sure tho?

I found a little video clip of AGS’ recent conversation with dupers: Les Grossman vs. Flaming Dragon - YouTube

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