Thank You AGS For Your Response to the Exploits. 16 HR turnaround. Permanent bans

Extremely seriously would be to permanent ban all accounts that duped/exploited and also all other accounts logged on the same IP’s. BAN hammer all abusers and dont give limited bans for days, weeks or months.

If they mistaken and want a ‘second chance’, their second chance is to buy the game again and play fair this time.


agree, perm ban and finish story


Bots in some extent are in almost every MMO, it’s very hard to make them all disappear. It’s like a game of cat and mouse between devs and botters.

They are really reactive !

Congratulations! :partying_face:


Last year, you lost me due to exploits and dupes. This year, you convince me to return with actions like this. I will sacrifice (rolls dice…) 5 RL coins to the shop as appreciation for the quick response.



IP ban isn’t really feasible, most Service providers allocate from DHCP pool, even if you have an always on end node, alot of SP’s will periodically force a re-negotiation when the DHCP lease is up. You could get someone else band IP :stuck_out_tongue:

Im feeling good different, cant wait for fresh start :wink: :blush: :partying_face:


unless they come out with a statement that says we banned 1000 players " permanatly " regardless of small or large scale its all pointless…

and whether they are infact telling the truth is another… not like they can give a list of the xxx people banned for data protection reasons (if that even exists in a virtual setting)

Note durig A1 A2 A3 and B1 B2 they were so commited to the game development and nearly all feedback was discussed and forwarded now as an example they cannot even comment or fix a an arrow key issue they created for 5 weeks and the commuity had to fix it, sad to see a massive decrease in effort/work/support

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Gold to know!

As for bots and aim assist software… it’s a completely different approach though…

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It’s temporary bans mate, they get 3-5 days ban then they are back.
cheaters and bots is the same… temp bans.

Dont blame the player blame the game.For starters randomize resource spawn points…

For the cooking dupe that happened early this year, several of my company mates who did the dupe got perma banned. I assume they never played again or bothered to make another account cause no communication in Discord :laughing:

I think it’s the first time we agree on something haha

So what exactly happen? I saw some ppl say that it was because of 100% banned exploiters duped from before, were surfacing again with their 100% banned account to try trade the duped gold around and they were caught and now are being 100% banned again is that it? Dupes almost were around again?

I can confirm this. I remember an exploiter who was laughing with his dupes and after some hours he got permaban. No news from him since then.


I’ve not said to ban IP. I’ve said to ban all accounts logged on the same IP.

I give an example to make it clear: player X is abusing trade, but he also logs alt account Y and friend account Z. Amazon to ban all accounts X, Y and Z, not only account X.
The point is to do a massive clean out of cheaters, abusers and exploiters. I’m aware IP ban is not working for years already, but can be tracked all accounts logged on the same IP of specific exploiters/abusers/cheaters.

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Nop. Absolutely bad idea.

What about net cafes?

What about ex if my brother is idiot and make dupes? I will get a ban for no reason.

That’s why the ban IP is not a solution.


Really dude?

How many are playing New World at net cafes?
If ur brother is duping sooner or later u will benefit of his duping. By getting gifts or gold from him.

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then Amazon is as useless and worthless as the people who cheat…

@Kay is it going to be temp bans… if this is the case perhaps you should call it quits and move on the 6th mmo…