Thank you amazon, i deleted the new world

:heart_decoration: you gave us a transfer token, and you got it back before some of us could use it.

:heart_decoration: i was separated from my friends I played with because of you and I was left alone in an empty server.

:heart_decoration: im having trouble finding players that I can do quests and dungeons with. since the tasks you give in the game are only running simulation, there is no endgame content anyway.

:heart_decoration: we just wanted to play something with my friends. thanks for stopping this with your transfer token.

you made a lot of players like me hate the game
Congratulations to your team.

best regards :pinching_hand:

yeah we stay in old server too but they will open server transfer again asap. just wait couple days too :slight_smile: everyone angry to Amazon ,try to be calm.

atleast you didn’t transfer to a trash streamer server and waste it, now i gotta wait for paid transfers smh.

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