Thank You Devs for the 300k!

Troll account.


Take actions ASAP!

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Highly doubt there will be a rollback. They should’ve rolled back servers a long time ago for stuff much worse. Economy was FUBAR since release so this really doesn’t do anything.


People in my company are getting 100-300k too, what the fuck AGS?

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They will rollback the patch to adj the amount of gold gifted. No one really believes they were supposed to get 300K do they? Not withstanding trolling OP

Congratulations! :partying_face:


Good luck to them for doing that because the gold is already being used to buy out TPs and power level crafting. Also:

Sounds like a confirmation to me.


Wait are you being serious right now?

A lot of people are saying that there is a new bug that gave them way more money that what it should and you post a congratulations ?

I guess that one or two people could always troll… but it seems that a lot of people are confirming this… shouldn’t you… investigate the issue before posting troll comments?


I didn’t get a penny.

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AGS is trolling us at this point. Dead game.




i think the game died some min ago

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Are you guys sure you got gold for NO reason???

Companies will have a one-time reimbursement for any war declarations made since our November 1.1 update
Companies who own territories will have a one-time reimbursement for any territory stations that were downgraded since our November 1.1 update
Players will have a one time reimbursement for housing taxes paid since our Nov 1.1 update

Yeah it does which is jacktarded at best.

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I mean is it congratulations cause its real and some people are deliberately being gifted 300k by AGS, or is it tongue in cheek or is it that they are giving up because the game is so buggy that people are getting beneficial bugs?

Are you serious?
There are screenshots of some servers getting hundreds of thousands of added gold and you post “congratulations”?

Seriously good way to piss off your followers for this game
Well done you


This kind of communication only causes issues.

  1. War declarations will go into company treasury… I guess no?
  2. Never ever ever even with 3 20k house you will have paid 300k in taxes since patch 1.1

So… it seems there is more than that

what the hell. what is that supposed to mean?

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Is this only for servers who had issues with the time-sync problem or is it all servers?

@Pneuma Can you confirm if the patch notes about players getting reimbursed for house taxes is all servers?