Thank you Devs for your efforts

As an industry veteran myself, I can appreciate the position you all are in. It goes to show that you have created an addicting game that people actually want to play. Keep up the hard work, and all of us are eager to get back in to play.

(sending a virtual box of cofee and donuts to you guys)


All will be alright. Check out my TWITCH while you wait for servers. Twitch

That’s nice. People don’t really realise how tough this it. Technical difficulties is normal and it does take a lot of time most of the time.

Be patient people. We will go back to chopping trees soon :slight_smile:

Are you saying that they’re cops?!


If we paid for it, then they should deliver. How is anything less acceptable? It’s like buying anything and you get half of it.

I do agree somewhat but this could have all been avoided if they had tested patching in a ptr server or a test client before even announcing a patch and trying to wing it.

Exactly this. Was just telling a friend to chill, too. They mentioned the sheer volume of complaints they have heard… I don’t think I’ve seen a game with this stable a launch in a long, long time. The Devs are doing great, as are all the teams working with the other departments to make this all possible. Better they take their time to get it working than rush things and bork it.

Absolutely amazing job, team. Thank you, for an addictive enough game that people’s biggest complaint is not being able to get on fast enough!

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No doubt, 100%. Lets also not forget that they’re new to the whole show

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