Thank you for further luck clarification

The things I’m glad I received clarity on;

  • Pearls do not override luck perk on gear
  • Luck does not create dead zones
  • How shield luck really works

Now to slot pearls in my luck weapons…


Yes, it’s great to have this information and it looks like we all misinterpreted what “lucksafe” means. This addressed all lingering questions I had about luck. Thanks, @TigerCr4ne!

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I love the “recent discovery” of the shield luck… It’s been what, 4 months? 2/3 the lifetime of the game?

Their statements on perk items seem to contradict eachother:

"Here are some of the low-drop-chance items Global Luck helps you get:

  • Rare resources like perk items and crafting materials"


“Our item attributes (STR, CON, INT etc.) and perks (e.g. Keen, Refreshing Ward, Skinning Luck etc.) roll separately from the general chance to drop loot, and therefore, luck is not a factor in determining rarity of a non-named item.”

I think they mean crafting components when they say perk items.

Tbh after reading that post i 100% sure that devs DO NOT PLAY their own game.

So as of now its still broken? I thought it was fixed.

It’s on the most recent PTR patch (apparently).

However, we have no way of testing actual luck stats in game so we don’t know if this fix is even correctly applied to the PTR.

Keep in mind that their Live patches are a shitshow and it probably won’t make it in the actual March update (I think last time they used an earlier PTR patch instead) but will come at some point in April.

But again, without having a viewable luck stat in game, we have no idea if it will work :slight_smile:

As I’m reading this, I can’t help but come to the conclusion that having luck equipped when searching for things like Crafting armor (WS Pants) and recipes (Golden Steel Chest Schematic) that luck hurts your chances of said items. Two of the most valuable items in the game are actually gimped by pouring resources into luck. Perhaps it’s time to revisit the GS of these items since many of us have run endless chest runs in an attempt to obtain them. Maybe even add Vengeful Smith pants to the game finally?

@TigerCr4ne Excellent post. I’ve been waiting for this for so long, and you were able to answer so many of the community’s outstanding questions. One question I didn’t see you answer was concerning the infamous amulet luck bug, where it was suspected that luck on an amulet was either not working, or giving negative luck. Can you confirm if this is/was an issue, and add it to your luck FAQ? Thanks again!

have run for WS pant for many hours and the 2 drops I got are from when I removed my luck armor and was only using bags for luck. dunno if it is just coincidence or not but had a friend get 3 pairs in 24 hours using the exact same thing when he was farming for 2 weeks with full luck set.

I would love it if @TigerCr4ne answered 1 more question. Two parter :slight_smile:

1 - i was told there is an “activation” period, that your luck doesnt “kick in” for an hour after swapping to luck gear. This was someone who ran 4 massive chest runs a day for MONTHS and based on his spreadsheets/tracking.

2 - i was told that gathering luck doesnt kick in immediately either - and that you cant run up to a tree, throw on logging luck, cut it down, and have the luck activate

it’s the same question but i wonder if global luck OR gathering luck have this “limitation”. i would hate to stop what im doing, throw on my harvest luck, and never get added legendary mats from wirefiber plants because i didnt wait ti required hour activation time

I have done experimental research (by killing 100 wolves in various gear; by collecting 2000 wood in various gear).
The ‘global’ luck was inconclusive - reading the new explanation makes me think I need to revise my experiment design.

The gathering luck was pretty clear though:

  • If there is any lag from changing gear, it is very small (less than 5 minutes). I would think there is no lag
  • PVP bonus does not kick in until the timer counts down: any gathering done in the first 30 seconds does not get the bonus.

I have pretty much stopped using gathering gear. +30% from PVP; +20% from skill level 200 gives +50%. And extra 20-30% is not worth the hassle of keeping track of gear

Forgot to say (added this in later). Thanks to the Devs for further clarification of the luck,

If there IS a 5 - 10 minute lag of any kind - then that should be clearly stated. Oh, and that’s a bunch of bullshirt too.

All this, “I got a secret” crap is not conducive to player retention. Like we all have hours and hours to play where’s waldo with some secret-squirrel dev. So annoying.

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