Thank you New World....for BOTS!

I’ve played this game from launch and have enjoyed every aspect of it. Specifically the trade skill ability. I can mindlessly run around the map and hit iron ore or kill some wolves to gather a crazy amount of materials to upgrade my trade skills to 200 or sell them for gold.

Since the servers have merged the number of bots increased ten fold where between the hours of 1am-8am EST you could not farm Orichalcum, starmetal or motes…period. Which was no big deal I could farm other things during my late night adventures. Now for the past two weeks the bots have evolved and now are direct messaging me to buy gold on their website and farming all spots of interest 24 hours a day.

You want Platinum? Gone. Orichalcum? Gone. Starmetal? Gone. Motes? You are joking right. Now they evolved even more where they jump and attack enemies while on their endless loops all day everyday. They even join factions and equip different types of weapons in attempts to trick people.

The Devs have made it clear that they don’t care about this aspect of their game otherwise some sort of action would of been taken in the months since launch. I can’t even farm animals anymore in high volume areas because the bots are there killing the wolves all day and now a days you aren’t seeing lvl 10 or lower bots running around. It’s all lvl 50 plus farming mats around the world and it has ruined casual crafters.

Something has to change if you want to save your player base.

  • Creating a clickable option if a player remains in an area for so many minutes? Similar to AFK?
    -Actually review players that are getting reported more then 10 times within a 12 hour period. I mean an actual person to review activity logs and reasons for report. Not a bot…

We need a solution to fix your current game.

This has gone on so long I’m not sure AGS wants bots completely gone.
In dev vid #2 they claimed they banned around 9000 bot accounts. That’s another 9000 copies of the game they just sold when those botters buy another account to bot again.

Maybe they are just culling botters now and again for a burst of revenue.
Farming the botters as it were.

Certainly it is very suspicious that bots can be basically mass-reported by multiple reports but nothing happens. Yet exploiters can mass-report a player and get them banned in about a half hour.


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