Thank you re' House Tax

Thank you for listening re’ house tax!

I’ll happily continue playing your game now.

That was one of my biggest issues checked off right there!!!


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I missed something along the way…what’s up with the house tax? Did it change?

Just found out it is temporary for the moment. Sadly.

Until Dec patch apparently. So I guess it has only pushed out departure…

Worse still is that the change is instead of fixing the economy on the servers that have been destroyed due to duping.

I will not pay the taxes above 1%. If I have 10k or 100k I will not pay more than 1%.

If I login it is to play a game.

I do not login to auto-run for 20-30 minutes while vaguely keeping aware of whether my character is crashing into trees or not.

I had quit with 20k in my pocket and two unpaid houses prior to this change and I will leave again if it is changed back to the rates prior to this change.

Just out of curiousity.
Why do you all need the houses so much? Are the benefits worth it to pay such amounts on a constant basis?

I stopped playing a month ago, but still ended with WM at around 580ish and over 70k in the bank

Everybody keeps complaining about the rent but why

@KrunchiButter [Downtime] Addressing Various Issues 6:00 am PT - #3 by Tosch

Aye, second this! Thankye

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Honestly, having a cheap teleport at the other end of the map is pretty handy… But, I also just like nesting in general, lol. Every game that has a base-building or housing mechanic sucks me in for no good reason. The extra storage and trophies are kinda nice too, as well as the feel-goods of your house being on display to the public. Worth the 510 gp, IMHO

There are in a way 3 aspects to housing.

One is purely loving housing, decorating, finding new furniture pieces and schematics in lootboxes - it’s quite addicting for me personally.

Next is the convenience of travel. It costs very little to reset the housing teleport with Azoth, and it is not weight dependent. You have 3 houses, placed according to where you most love to hang out/prefer to gather, this helps a lot, and then there is added storage and trophies, which can just be seen as part of convenience as well, but not purely, reason why is…

… point number 3, meaning corruption trophies and invasions, as these trophies add damage against corrupted, and considering how hard invasions are, and that the damage they cause is costly for companies - these trophies play an important role in maximising dmage/success in invasions.

The mentioned points might not matter to everyone, but usually at least 1 of the points could apply, so yes, housing is a big part of the game.


Yes. Since there are no mounts, Houses are essential for travel. Unless you want to grind Outpost rush all day every day or spend hours auto-running across the map.

Additional benefits come from storage and trophies that you can add to the houses but primarily it is the travel time.

Tax, and the extortionate rates a bunch of children, literally, no insult intended, set on towns, mean you pay thousands per week on rent after you have already paid out tens of thousands on the purchase price of the house.

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