Thanks AGS for Sticking to Your Guns Regarding Transfers Between FSS

I wouldn’t call it xenophobia since server clumps like NA west and NA East and SA servers and EU servers primarily contain people from their respective areas.

I would consider calling it the video-game equivalent of racism though, which we’ve seen plenty of between factions alone. Every time I join a faction, they complain about a different colored faction being tryhards or rats or something degrading. Which is hilarious because we’re all just here to play the game — no one really cares about their faction color, but we always say (insert a faction color that is not your own) are (insert a generic insult) that don’t know a thing about (insert a type of New World content)

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That says more about with the types players who play NW than it does about AGS itself.

Yeah sounds fair to me.

Yeah I was just joking. The main problem AGS has is they try to reinvent the wheel for every feature and instead end up creating some steaming pile of crap.

For example look at their dungeon finder, instead of looking at other games with successful dungeon finders and using those as the foundation and improving upon them, they made some completely different and hard to use tool that is not very popular.

They are now doing the same thing with leaderboards. Instead of looking at mmo’s with popular competitive PVP and asking themselves “how can we implement this system and make it even better”, they design some system from scratch that is just going to be stat padded and abused like no other.

It’s just incompetent software design at its finest.


Similarly to how, we the players request popular features evident in other games but if/when AGS responds, it is with a butchery of a similar system that fails to accomplish the desired Quality of Life improvements the players initially requested.

AGS is most definitely not sticking to their guns. When did they ever say they wouldn’t merge or allow transfers between FSWs? Merges are bound to happen given some servers current population.

Transfers are bound to happen because there’s no reason why AGS wouldn’t look to profit off of them. Shell company changes are coming soon so companies transferring will have less of an affect on the “native” population.

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No. Servers will slowly die and drive players away from the game.

First, game modes will take longer to fill players. Second, the market will suffer. Finally, the pop and market activity will dip so low that no territory will be able to afford upkeep (maybe a few will a small number of upgrades <12).

Clearly you wouldn’t understand this with your lack of experience. Even with cross server game modes these small servers are only beneficial to farmers and the few in the only company that exists.

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That is why it is so amusing. The xenophobia is specifically between servers and thus completely arbitrary, not based on the real world region the player lives in which actually would have some logic to it due to cultural differences. They don’t want immigration from other servers, who could literally be their next door neighbor IRL.

Technically servers are not countries but I still think xenophobia fits best. Which is a form of tribalism, the same tribalism that causes people to aggressively side with their faction/company.

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Yeah it’s like they try to give the feature people are asking for but they don’t understand the underlying fundamentals of what the feature does. This would be okay if you were building upon another successful implementation of that type of feature, but it’s not okay when you try to redesign the thing from scratch. There are so many instances of this.

Look when they added the PVP missions to gather 5 tokens from enemy players, when asked if that mission was a failure in a dev vlog the dev said “no because running the same missions gets boring and it mixes it up”. He didn’t even realize no one runs those missions and just skips them.

You can also see this with the barrier they added in OPR which made farming players in spawn easier.

You can see this in them moving elite chests in Shattered mines so players can’t do solo chest runs.

Look how many iterations we have had in the trade post. Sorting is still garbage in there. This is a solved problem for over two decades.

Whoever is making decisions or designing features does not have a fundamental understanding of why people play the game or why they find certain aspects fun. This would be fine if they were emulating and stealing other successful features from other games. This is not what they are doing though, they go to the complete drawing board and develop garbage.

Despite your incorrect assumptions, I indeed already have experienced the slow death of several legacy servers. You’re saying nothing new about how servers die. This is why I’m stating that AGS’s position with how they’ve implemented FSS isn’t good. Hopefully they make good adjustments to those servers, but their past performance does not inspire confidence that they will do so.

They aren’t stalling on the shell company mitigation changes. The changes are currently in the PTR, which will go live in, at most, a couple of weeks.

Game development takes time? :exploding_head:

FSWs were just gonna be dominated by the same players that dominate legacy? :sob:

It’s crazy the amount of hopium some people had in thinking this would be any different from “legacy” or put them at an even playing field for more than a day.

What incorrect assumptions? Lmao

Some of the fss are dead AF.

The one I am currently playing one had like 116 people this morning and tonight we have a high of 281 people online…

They are for sure stalling, they have been on the PTR for months. They are nervous because if it doesn’t work correctly it will crush the game.

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It is not incumbent upon me to instruct you of your own errors. Review what you have written and see them for yourself. If you still cannot see them after your own self review, feel free to ask for assistance.

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I didn’t ask for assistance, I asked you to explain your position.

But if I must… oh please wise one, I need your assistance.

Why do you always reply to every one of my posts with some troll reply and clearly not even having read the original post? Do I know you?

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How is any of what I said considered trolling?

Glad someone is being realistic.

Well, if you’re just going to dodge the question, that’s an easy block and report. Quit spamming me, weirdo.

This guy is a known troll. I’d recommend you do the same @Ryladryl @kiwdahc

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