Thanks AGS for Sticking to Your Guns Regarding Transfers Between FSS

No, it hasn’t. The functionality to stop more than 15 mercs from signing up wasn’t implemented before the 26th. The features they are describing were literally not implemented. The UI elements were, the same ones pushed out to live with Brimstone as well, but they weren’t functional.

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Really? I actively play on the PTR. There was no territory pushed to test this. There was one war I saw, but there wasn’t even 35 signups on each side. Also the PTR build is not what gets pushed to the production version…

The UI messages about cooldowns got pushed to live but don’t do anything. It wasn’t implemented and now it is.

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Go recruit where people have an interest.

You failed here. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

How can you possibly know this? They said the changes were going onto the PTR. The UI elements showed up there months ago. There was never a war to test if it limited or not. Besides that point it’s a rather easy feature and skipped multiple release cycles.

What I think happened is they planned to release it with Brimstone, but got cold feet so turned off the actual limiting part in the production version but left the rest of the deployment the same.

Also just FYI video game deployment doesn’t go dev → PTR → Prod like you would think. There are multiple branches of the game which have to be updated independently. Prod can have features that PTR doesn’t and vice versa.

See above

So your title is correct?

Nope. Y’all made your beds…now sleep in them. No transfers from FSS to Legacy!

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Except for legacy gold…that has been flooding FSS since day one.

Except AGS clearly stated they would allow these one-way transfers in the future, back in October. :man_facepalming:

How, exactly, has gold been transferred onto FSS from Legacy?

Does not mean that I agree.

Sure, but realistically now that the FSS have had exploits and bugs, what’s really different from Legacy? Not that much, just a lesser amount of gear options, various price changes for items/materials and a lesser amount of gold in the overall economy, but all three of these things will change, with time.

That cant happen on FSS BECAUSE they are FRESH!

I know, right? :joy:

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It’s time for FSS 2.0. Current FSS are tainted and everyone who plays on them is probably an rmt duper

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FSS 2.0 will come out next year, along with the next big BSS 2.0 content patch, to the same predictable results, unless AGS learns from this and improves in the future. I still have hope that they will, but that hope is dwindling.