Thanks for bow nerf, back to how the game should be

I’m out. Need at least 5 hits, with iframing, 3 hits on lmb spam to die.

Really bad.

Use more con.

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and do even less dmg? so instead of pen shot for 1.5 with i could do 1.2?

Game wasn’t really made with range in mind, never was.

Extreme exaggeration. I get hit for 3.8/3.9k in max med by pen shot. With resil.


Yeah it’s not. I’ve done 800, with 390 dex. 1.5 is about average.

Only one i hit for 3k+ are other bows, muskets or light mage.

Just hit one guy for evade, and pen shot while he was on beserk. He was at full health within a second.

Bow is a waste of time.

pen shot


Lol 8k. Funny, great proof.

I’m the one that got hit with a pen shot for 3.9k in that pic, foo.

In max med, with resil and not rended.

Also that’s not me hitting someone for 8k, that’s 2 ice storm ticks of 81 and 92.


Exceptions prove nothing

That is not an exception :joy:. You’re either understating your damage to try and get your point across, or most of the people on your server are running multiple physical aversion + emeralds and making you think that your damage is that low.


I’ve never hit anyone for 8k. So that’s an exception in my book. 6k is the limit.

Like i said you only hit lights for 3k or more, the rest may run full physical aversion and emeralds, which in theory would open it up for everyone else.

Bow on my server has about 4-8 pergame, so it doesn’t make sense to run emerlads against the OP bow,

So what did they nerf exactly?

Found it :smiley:

Well, lets make the bow skills even more useless. omg!

@jelliedsoup do you mean the nerf to the stagger on pen shot? Or the damage reduction to poison shot? I don’t know which nerf you guys are discussing…

My personal best :smiley: is 11K

Either every melee on my server is running full aversion + emeralds, or there’s been a nerf in dmg. Only builds i’ll get 3k+ on is light range. Back to the melee running straight at you as the sustained burst is just not there. When you hit someone 6 times and they’re on half, and they can either kill you or with a single on shot rotation. it aint fun.

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Good thing then that this is not the case.

If it weren’t. i wouldn’t be giving up.

Definitely not the case for me.

Melees going for me will die more often than not. It basically comes down to not missing shots and timing the spear attacks correctly. When I mess up I am dead.
I think it works pretty well. And I think when being jump and I do not see it coming it is just fair that I mostly die then.

I thought you were referring to the PTR patch notes.
I made a video from the fights I got into, it isn’t scheduled to release for another few hours, but I was doing decent damage yesterday. I didn’t notice a reduction. You might have just got unlucky :person_shrugging: and maybe I just got lucky :rofl:

He isnt totally wrong. There was not a nerf that I have seen but I have been hitting that damage all along. around 1500 is the average for me. Ive seen highs of 4kish and lows of 600ish even on a crit. I crit for 700 something to guy that had rend on him lol. It happens. Today I even tried 406 dex with 100 con. That was a little better and was mostly hitting in the 2k range. Problem was I got two shot by everyone else.

The problem is that mitigation is out of control. They never should have made perks stackable like they do. Players with the right gear can become practically immune to a weapon. This makes balancing a weapon impossible because one guy is immune and the other guy is getting deleted. How do you balance that?