Thanks for bow nerf, back to how the game should be

:rofl: you can’t. I actually think bow is stronger in most situations… But musket clearly comes out on top at range.

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I agree with you here to an extent. My concern is not that I can only hit these highly mitigated players for ineffective damage. It’s that bow is capable of hitting others for very high damage. That is bound to get nerfed eventually. As in my scenario if that happen then those mitigated players can change mitigation to say elemental damage and then negate both.

I don’t think everyone should be able to kill everyone but they sure keep trying to balance melee so they can do so.

And yes musket is dogshit in dungeons. I hope it gets a rework some day because it could be fun as hell.

Made me lol and cry :face_holding_back_tears:


It does. It does pack a nice punch on a PTR training dummy though. I’m sure there will be tons of complaints. 1v1 should be easy to dodge it. It’s slow and highly telegraphed. Could be pretty great in a group fight when not being paid attention to though.

You can dodge after dropping ads now though. That felt great and should have been part of last patch

An exception means it can be done and youre doing something wrong. If it was impossible, exceptions wouldnt exist. But they do. So its possible. Fix your build.

Tbh none of the nerfs really bother me… I might even give rapid fire a crack if I can get a bow with it on. A lot of the perk changes seem fun to me as well… This explosive shot was just another missed opportunity. I thought perhaps it would be targeted or ads… This just looks like a reskin

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I don’t know why I even have hopeful expectations at this point…


The nerfs don’t really bother me all that much. I will miss the stagger but can deal with it. I never played splinter shot so I guess that was the animation for it as someone pointed out to me in another thread. I actually like the ability itself. Will have to see how it feels in real fighting. Have not tried rapid fire with the dodge cancel yet.

If you get a bow with the perk on each shot is doing like 19% more damage and it can now be cancelled and ads. I may take it over pen if it feels better. I have previously been able to make it work anyway.

You’re welcome to disagree, and yes, if everyone specifically built against 1 damage type (in this case physical ranged thrust) it would largely invalidate a couple weapons (musket/bow/BB).

They’d just be fodder for everyone else.

You see the same mentality across many popular and successful gaming platforms. Everything from fighting games to card games like Magic: The Gathering. If a dominant strategy emerges, counters to that strategy become quite popular and so you need to decide what the risk/reward is of picking/counter picking that specific build is or just using a strategy with a wider spread.

Well, those are two different damage types so we’re already kind of reaching, but even still, if you were to somehow build specifically against both strike and slash damage types, then you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to fire staff, ice gauntlet, void gauntlet, bows, spears, rapiers, blunderbuss, and muskets. Even life staff attacks would deal pretty good damage.

Well, that weapon has become widely popular for a reason. It’s the same reason people want the life staff nerfs.

If a specific weapon becomes so prevalent that entire equipment sets are being made against one weapon, it means there’s a problem.

Imagine if Fire Staff was so powerful and widely used that everyone just ran pristine rubies in their armor specifically for that weapon. Socketing all armor with rubies would work to mitigate Fire damage, but from a balance standpoint it would be horrible. There would be little choice for players in their viable options, and that kills gameplay. If lots of people are getting physical aversion perks and socketing emeralds specifically for bows, then bows are a problem. It means the risk of that singular weapon (bow) is so much greater than every other option that it’s worth forgoing other options.

That’s why people are asking for nerfs.

(Also the hitbox is stupid good.)

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Who is actually wearing full emeralds? Granted I play bow, but I have full onyx. You can Los and dodge everything else :+1:

you can jump on a cactus doesnt mean its a good idea.
bow is only good short or medium distance everything above 20 - 30 meters is more guessing then aiming.

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then why did u decline my duel when I asked you a week ago? ptr is out right now I’ll play musket and you play bow :slight_smile: let’s see how bow beats musket


Fight! Fight! Fight!

No idea, seems to be based on the perception of balance?

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The bow seems to be in a good spot to me. They reduced the projectile size slightly (Imo was needed). I get they reused the animiation of splinter shot which again imo it’s not that bad. The skills overall is way better and going to create great dot builds. Poison shot nerf was a bit too much, but will still much be a viable skill. Rapid shot is going to do insane damage and hit like a truck before the changes. I’m also a bit confused on the stagger removal on pen shot, but it doesn’t make that skill bad by a long shot.I love the bow. It’s my fav weapon. I think overtime (if you go into things with a open mind) you’ll realize bow will feel great. (By you and you’ll I’m not targeting any specific person) Not here to cause arguments, just expressing my thoughts on it and asking to keep an open mind. They seem like nice changes.

No stagger on pen is really the only thing I’m bummed about (should have preferred a more user friendly explosive shot but whatever). It just felt good, like I was hitting them with something extra. Now it’s just an instant heavy with a smaller hitbox that travels through people.

Hits hard enough to start relevant but feels icky.


It did feel good bro I’m not going to lie, but after watching catboys video on the hit projectile on arrow attacks it just looked cheesy. It still is forgiving in ptr but it’s bad in live. It’ll just involve more skillful play i believe. Which i don’t have atm lol