Thanks to this game, I have learned a few topics

Yes, after playing (?) this game a few weeks - starting with the first day - I can summarize that I really did learn something:

  1. when I did see first announcements about this game being soon available, I trusted the persons that said, this game is very nice looking and will have promising features. I did read some of those articles and then PREORDERED. I installed the game on 29. september and was experiencing something I have never got in hundred of previous games before: queues to login into the game, longer than all German autobahns km together. After a few days I finally could login and found a game that really looks nice, but beyond the refunding point in time and after the easy levelling to 10…, I did find out about many design decisions in this game and even more bugs / exploits that my experience was getting worse with every day. Therefore my first point I learned: NEVER again will I preorder a game whatever company it is offering. I will insist to get a chance to see it really being a game that fulfills its given promises! New World is not the first game where I am left disappointed, but I will reduce my risks to burn my money with such games.
  2. This game seems to have seen several shifts in design and the player audience it should target. This was - for me - not really transparent, but the soon obvious fight between the 2 main groups (PvP vs PvE) for REQUESTED features to make one side “more happy in play style” created forums which are toxic beyond any previous game community - remember this is my personal point of view, others may see it different. What makes things even worse, is that the game owning company and its project management seem to roll forward and backwards between these gamer groups without an own concept and deliver patches that either create new problems or unbalance what was already out-of-balance from the beginning. The idea of the company to “force” the two groups into one game with no real concept how to achieve this, has greatly failed. The second point I learned: I will NOT TRUST a game that is not created on basis on a clearly visible concept/design and is able to follow this road after its official start.
  3. I am really concerned about so many bashings on the “devs” because of really existing bugs, exploits and questinable design decisions. I myself have spent more than 45 years in IT with some 15 years being a project leader in development of large software projects and I do know that the cause for “failed software projects” - and New World really fullfills this criterium - is wrong design, wrong strict project manaement and finally miserably tested (pre-)products pushed to the customer and let him PAY and find all these errors. When this is coupled with intransparency about design and vague promises to resolve the real bugs, we end up having a game as it is now: New World.
    It may be true that AGS was overwhelmed with the starting hype, but I doubt that the incoming exploits and miss-use of the game which rendered the game almost unplayable have allowed the “devs” to concentrate on bug solving. I am afraid that too many resources had to be assigned to fix the holes in that ships body instead of making this game with great potential" BETTER. Therefore my 3rd point learned: Wait for the first rush after starting date and monitor if this game delivers and is/gets STABLE to be FUN TO PLAY. I am able to differentiate between small bugs and the big ones but I am getting really unhapyy about too many game-breaking elements and unknown times to resolve these!
  4. And for a final point which I am wondering that it was not yet mentioned in this game: a B2P game costs some money and usually this revenue is not the end for the selling company. AFTERSALES is what really brings the money and motivation to the big bosses to allow a game to use a lot of money (maintenance groups, server hardware, some profit, manager salaries etc) to survive. I do not know if this game has some budget left over to make it PAYABLE AND FUN-TO-PLAY for a large enough player base, but I am sure that AGS wants the gameshop be used after these first 40 EUROs. My point is now: From the start in the login queues I realized that I will NOT SPEND even 1 cent in the shop. This may create a signal to the proper people in AGS that they will NOT MAKE MONEY with me and have lost a paying customer!
    I could add some more insights, but this post is already filled. Now start the flaming!

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