That’s it - Nerf fire staff

Too overpowered. Everyone knows.

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Use some ruby gems or opals in youre gear and stop crying.


You got killed by a firestaff big woohoo, go watch Is Fire Staff OP or Balanced in Season 1
and I’m sure you will be happy. Firestaff like I said did not really get any real damage increase it got reworked and pretty much nerfed EXCEPT flare which is going to mage left clicker like melee.


He is memeing


Couse u say so? Maybe provide some data. Do the work like Trick here:

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i mean trick is the biggest flame thrower bot i ever seen in my life


Wana share how you bot top players using FT?


Imagine telling everyone your buffed build is “fair”.

Thats just like pfizer saying their trillion dollar vaccine is safe and effective

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Any data that will prove what Toriku tested is not true? Or u just imagine op FS burnign villages in ur wet dream?

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LOL Trick is ridiculously biased towards Mage weps that proves nothing. Almost as bad Xaryu when he played last year.

I understand you don’t like flamethrower, but Trick Trick is literally in the realm of top .001% of NW players currently, definitely not a bot. He has proven he is successful with a variety of builds that don’t include flamethrower, and he is mechanically one of the best PVP’ers in existence playing the game today. You are basically calling the Michael Jordan of NW a bot. What does that make you?


Did u check numbers? Dmg, cds all he compares ptr vs live? Seems u didnt and u are biased. U did not tested stuff on ptr on ur own. And u didnt watch sm1 else doing tests. Now u calling FS op. And calling sm1 who did all the tests and comparrsion - biased.

Is that right?

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Continuing the discussion from PTR: Seasons - February 24, 2023 Patch Notes:


ppl who main FS and defend it not op, r u joking?

on the otherhand, i played SNS/GS leeching build after BS patch and i immediatly post of how broken trent recovery is and asked for nerf in forum

i was laughed by ppl in the forum and accused as liar, while i spend about 1m build up my gear and delete everyone in OPR for months in Maramma.
i m fine either AGS listen to me or not, cuz i either get to keep abuse it or AGS make the game more balance.
then finally AGS nerfed the trent recovery, and i m happy that my OP build get gutted to ground.

He was one of first streamers to call flare op. If you would play fs youl maybe could understand that guy is playing fs but dont want it to be OP. Just want it to be as good as any other weapon in game.


any 1 went to ptr to test FS would immediately tell how broken Flare is.
i m glad that AGS took some action on it and the FT.
but anyway i think POF, Fireball, burnout just better abilities to use even without the FT nerf.

FS is good, but just not as good as brusier with pocket heal in clumb or bow/msuket as ranged becuase those wep are way broken.
bruseir wont be a big issue if ags took action aginst the biggest broken xhit in game, aka the healing, then they can nerf ranged dmg by half and introduce effective dmg range on bow/musket, the game will be 10x better.
and lets hope FS not gona be as broken as those after patch

I mean I don’t really get it. Which one is it?

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1st quote:live
2nd quote: PTR

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Gotcha that more sense. I dont think most people don’t really test things on PTR and even when they do they probably don’t have the ideal gear so it makes it hard for most to really make a fair judgement

One more buff to SNS.
Dont know if 25% slower projectile changes anything tho.

I sitll dont understand why not to make incinerate same as PoF, lets say if enemy has 5 smolder stacks, incinerate hits twice.