That is why meta is Heavy/Hammer/GAxe

David Verfaillie - New World Creative Director

I’m running a STR heavy build with Great Axe and War Hammer. As discussed above, Great Axe is strong, it does a bit of everything. And pairing it with hammer gives me an additional damage type for those pesky Ancient Guardian’s, leverages my strength investment, and gives me some nice CC. Plus I love the fantasy of wielding the two big heavy weapons.

I missed that interview :sweat_smile:


Ha! I knew it!


funny, a few days ago I thought about this… :sweat_smile:


If you compare all 600gs named legendary, Warhammer and axe (especially axe…) has the best perks out of all other named legendaries.
Worst kind of game dev u can have working in a game is a bias one, favoring one sided.


This explains everything.


op post your stats from your last 10 OPR/wars

You have to balance solo PvE, group PvE, and solo, group, and 50v50 PvP.

Also, he needs to understand that PvP and PvE balance cannot be done together. You fix one, then break the other.


you still left clicking in OPR?

Be careful, don’t feed it.

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he a troll though, only left clicks, need to help that recover, maybe teahc him how to pvp or something??? like help him maybe right click???

you got left lick syndrome bro?

if you spent less time following me around the forums, and more time getting good, you wouldnt have to worry about those pesky left clickers


seems like everything i come into your here just left clicking away, i kill to many Gaxe users, probably killed you a good few times, just calm down on the left clicks mate

doesnt sound like youve killed any with how triggered you get by it.

try getting good, and it wouldnt be a problem

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Jesus Christ. This does explain everything.


So in your opinion everyone should “try to be better” against GA / Hammer fight to have any chance, while they start with a dominant advantage in advance? In your opinion, is it ok when GA / Hamm is a contender to win from the start, and the rest have to TRY?

What a hole in logic, go to sleep


Wow who could have guessed.

Like we use to say when pvers whine! Flag up, git gud! This wont affect you If you dont play ga/wh!


@Zin_Ramu Seriously??? You are the reason for the hammer lag and this crap meta? Were you also responsible for fire staff and ice gauntlet getting nerfed? The only real counter to people stacking and using ga/wh aoes to lag and root?
Inquiring minds want to know…