That's it - Nerf bows

Too overpowered. Everyone knows.


In before a flurry of bow players say “it takes skill to hit shots” and git gud etc etc :smiley:


Yeah and I am just saying that right now I entered OPR and was killed by a bow with two arrows within one second it seemed. How am I supposed to protect me with that? I have circa 2700 hours in-game. Of course 625 and heavy gear. This is not a fun game. I get it that those who use bow says that it takes skills, and sure it might be the case, but it is still not ok to be killed from 20-100 meters from a bow with in a second or so.

I want to see what bows are like on live after the patch so I’ll hold my opinion on that but I will say this.

It takes skill to go into an opr and get 40+, 50+ kills with the bow, but it takes like no skill at all to get 20 kills and 40+ assists with the bow.


Bow is getting nerfed, unfortunately the balance changes don’t go far enough to address it’s dmg output in opr and invasions.

Still needs a 20 percent dmg reduction on top of what it’s getting.

I run light armor in OPR and do not get killed with two arrows by bow. :person_shrugging:

What heavy armor are you running, what gems, what amount of CON? :thinking:


I think what happened is multiple bow users hit you in the space of a second. Unfortunately, AGS just screwed bruisers and so its only going to get worse.

And you’re also a liar.

Hm, GS/Hatchet users woke up and cry about balance? Hmm, how interesting

Bow two tap damage is pretty busted, run 4-5 aversion & full thrust gems. They’ll still be a major threat but they won’t instakill you.

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Bump bump it up!

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imagine having to slot all your defensive allotment so that one weapon is tolerable. lmao.

bow will hit even more in this update. fortify nerf will provide an incredible damage boost for this class.

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What most of you and other guys don’t understand is that bow users go almost full dex with 50 con, that’s why they put out so much DMG and + you exploit hatchet and Sword and Shield so you got no place to even talk about nerf to begin with ty

Cap. I think most of them go 100/150. Also I’ve seen so many clips of Arrowli doing 3.5k-4k+ crits with 200 con with his bow/SNS stuff.

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  1. if they are going 100/150 and dealing a lot of dmg (Which no one is and doesn’t happen) then sure bow should get a nerf but that’s false
  2. I watch him all the time on Twitch when he stream and I can I tell you the players he fights are not that decent and they have prob no clue on what perks and gems to use which makes him deal that much dmg.

Stop spreading false info ty

He’s literally on CoS and there are a lot of great players there lol.

Also I noticed that you didn’t refute that he does hit that hard even with 200con lol

Show me the clip you are referring too and i’ll go thru it and explain what is happening step by step

Many various clips throughout this video lol. UPDATED! BOW S/S PVP BUILD GUIDE! NEW WORLD BOW GUIDE. - YouTube

Any specific time frame you want me to look at? You gotta consider he is maxed out and got BIS against players who are not…