That's it - Nerf bows

humble honesty. This is all SnS. I mean it doesnt deal a lot of damage thats a given. But its tracking is strong, the slow from third attack is strong, you can block some ranged attacks with it on top.

Nevertheless I still think bow is slightly overtuned ofc.
I think Bow was really fun back then before they hyper buffed it and increased the size of the projectile. It was really great play.

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Please watch it again

Full shirking heals, sword with shirking? Bis?

Dude what are you on about? @las00

I don’t exploit with SnS or hatchet at all. I play as intended with no animation cancels or exploits and I use zephyrcakes.

This topic is about bow, not about libelling me.

If you wanna discuss my playstyle, DM me.

Now let’s discuss bow and ways to put it’s dmg in line with other weapons across opr and invasions (where it overperforms) and in dungeons (where it underperforms).


I watched it just with jumps :x But like the statement where he says mage is a free win.
Basically every medium mage if he is average sh*ts on bowplayers from up above. If he doesnt do that he is your average flamethrower user and cant hit autoattacks.

But again not denying bow hits hard. Im saying that a lot of those clips are on SnS utility and how you just cant outplay its cc if you dont have grit or hatchet offhand.
*Or godlike riposte reflexes

Edit: I played a lot of Musket SnS before Leap-bash got nerfed. All thats changed you go now shield rush to make a bash inevitable

I see your point. There are definitely some clips in there where he’s literally just Lclick spamming at people haha.

…but yeah there are some pretty hard friggin hits in there for someone with 200con and no ME. Even some of those explosive arrows were hitting over 3k non crits, and that’s not counting the dots.

I think the biggest issue as I always say its weapons dealing mixed damage.
A bow shouldnt deal nature, physical, fire damage. Even though it makes sense since its an explosive shot but its still a nightmare to balance.

Everyone splitting their damage to physical / magic damage just backfires on magic damage because people will run opals so they counter both.

Now you gotta overbuff magic weapons so they do actually something and someone who doesnt have opals will come to the forum and share his experience with us

Yeah I’ve never really agreed with being able to split damage like this.

That’s not his actual build that’s a low budget build for other players who wants to play Bow/SnS…I’ve seen his REAL build and he doesn’t use those perks that he shows

Any damage reduction on bow will not change anything people crying now that they are dying from 2 arrows will come back and cry that now they die from 3.

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Bow needs its haste removed and going from 285% damage increase to 260% damage increase with a massive reduction in resistances is not a nerf. The problem with bow right now is that is ‘no risk’ you can stand 25m away with zero risk, do insane burst damage and be guaranteed to escape with 20% haste and a secondary solely used to escape. All other primarys have conditional haste but the range players, they should at least need to dodge through an attack to gain haste.

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Bow it pretty easy to use also when you add in the crouch speed up heavy shot.
Has high dps. Easily 3/4 health a 200 con light player in a heavy/ pen shot.

Exactly what I was thinking. There is no way he’s 625 in heavy and getting 2 shot.


Unless maybe they were wearing Heavy Voidbent Armor and the Bow user was 15 ME Stacks, +Thrust DMG ring, full BiS with 5/5 Sighted Runeglass? :thinking:

Voidbent does have higher Elemental vs Physical armor, so I only have about 1510 Physical Damage Reduction when wearing 625 Voidbent, versus 2264 Elemental Damage Reduction:


Bump Bump

bump again until devs see it

I’m pretty sure Devs know people are concerned with bow overperforming.

They can see the data themselves. On invasion leaderboard it’s blatantly obvious about how ridiculous the bow output is.

Bow needs 20 percent scaling nerf to mitigate it’s output in opr and invasion.

And then it needs all abilities buffed to increase its effectiveness in dungeons through better utility.

Not sure what you talking about invasion ? Bow still subpar for dps against PVE , only reason it’s good in invasion it’s because of long range AOE that’s it , anyways I’m not even sure AGS remember they have invasions or something , they are way too boring they need to put some RNG in it, less often and more challenging idk. Edit : if bow is so good against corrupted why I’m getting refused into every m10 runs with corrupted mobs ?


Reread my post dude.

Bow is s tier in invasion and dmg output in opr.

It’s d-tier in dungeons.

Balance changes need to address this.

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