Thats one of the reasons why NW dropped in numbers

So was watching content about other game. And their developer made a simple and clear 1 minute monologue, which totally represents what happened in new world with CRAFTING.

Starts at 1:19:32 and ends at 1:20:32

TLDR> Crafter makes best money and gear. PVP guys enjoys their items.


Imagine somone coming on NW forum posting about a another game who’s gona be relasea in more than 1 or 2 years, saying THATS WHY NW LOST PEOPLE…

How funy it would be.

Oh wait… what ?


the title says “one of the reasons” not “THE REASON”. I mean sure its funny how people from other games can make valid points that point out the issues NW has with crafting…
The things he says are just facts


Main reason was content. We can mention countless bugs and stuff but there’s nothing even for levelling. Game as it is right now could have worked on release but once people hit lv 60 there’s not enough spaces in wars and 2 dungeons were available that were hard to get in. Opr wasn’t working either so they released the game literally without any content. Expertise, crafting and bugs are nothing compared to people getting bored for ages without any content


Look, I think a lot of mmorpg players (myself included) are looking forward to AoC. But lets be real here, paper is patient.
Lets actually see if they can hold their numbers at launch. In theory this sound great, obviously, and I guess it depends what amount of players they need to survive.

But make no mistake, if their playerbase starts dropping out, because only the 8hour a day people can craft they will add good and amazing gear as quest rewards.

Basically NW tried this at the start, but the niche of people who can actually spent time in such harsh mmo’s are slim.

Again, not really arguing about their reasoning, it sounds good on paper, but many have tried this and more have failed.


New World devs said “crafted gear will be the best gear”, but as max level crafter, I don’t use and have never used any item I’ve ever crafted. All the best gear that I have was a drop from one place or another. I spent so much time and coin crafting and only ever got one ok ring and a pretty good GA. Other than those two items, everything was just trash. Crafting gear was only semi-viable in the early levels.


I agree with you. They have to cater to different players likes and dislikes. Some people love crafting and some like getting gears from dungeons. They have to balance this. One way is to make gear crafting attributes geared towards PvP and dungeon drops are more attune to PvE.

which totally represents what happened in new world with CRAFTING .

I think I didn’t state my point clear.

My point was, that NW developers put thousands of hours into making, materials, refining, crafting systems, nodes and now its just BAM, not needed.
Most of items come from dungeons + pvp track. PvE items come from boss farming.

When I started NW, I thought that The Idea is that CRAFTING is main part of getting gear. And raids/pvptrack other stuff will be used to get legendary materials to craft that gear with better chance.

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Funny though, most of my best dps stuff came from crafting.

With July Patch crafting gets boosted so maybe AGS is getting crafting to where WE want it to.


Thats only partially true. Crafting is the main part of getting gear for rich people that know how to make money in NW, rich companies that take everyones tax money, and gold buyers. It isnt for anyone else.

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Agree. Am also hopeful about July patch and crafting changes.

Perfect salvage and Materia systems should have been what it was from the start for PVE gained gear instead of the clusterfuck of legandary gear that are unuseable in trading post.

That game looks like ass. It looks like someone made it in unity in two months. This is that big MMO Ashes of Creation everyone is so hyped about? Wow y’all have shitty expectations I’d that’s what you’re looking forward too.

You’re joking right?

(1) Ashes of Creation Unreal Engine 5 Preview - YouTube

That looks every bit as good if not better than new world. Im not even really following that game because it may never come out but at least I am realistic about it.

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Imagine someone dismissing the merit of an argument without knowing what it is because of the source. What’s that called?

What was said in the video makes sense for ALL games. There is crafting system where it takes a lot of effort and time to craft an item yet you can obtain in a dungeon easily.

I’ve offered feedback on this before. NW need a crafting rework. It can require more materials to make an item but make it better, even if it’s just a tiny little bit better than dungeon loot.

And the second point in that video: NW relies too much on Perks. Like, we need Anti-healing disease in all Weapon Skills, not heavy attacks or perks. Weapons are too unbalanced and they have no restriction in combinations. So there is always gonna be an OP Meta.

A promo video generated to look good. The gameplay they showed, which I guess you obviously didn’t watch since you linked a promo video generated to purposely look better, looked like pure ass. Next

Same flower mob in the promo video for a good 4+ shots. Plus one recolored flower mob.

Copy + Pasta everywhere in gaming.

Lol thats what the game world looks like. Its not like a WoW cinematic.

Ashes of Creation Unreal Engine 5 Walkthrough - YouTube

My point is not to praise AoC. I personally dont think the game gonna come out and end up like Star Citizen with people just continually buying packages to a game that never actually launches. I’m just saying that the world looks every bit as good as new world if not better. I can also state it will probably run a hella lot better on UE5 than Lumberyard.


IMO dungeons shouldn’t drop gear at all. This is supposed to be an open player driven economy game and they take away from that by having drops for just about everything. Even potions. Dungeons should drop skins and maybe housing items or something. They should also drop components used to craft the armor. PvP track could also drop parts to craft the PVP armor. All of it should be tradeable.

Crafting should be just collecting the parts of the gear you want to make and wallah… its made. You should be able to make any combination of armor you want (within the same current buckets) but just getting the mods is all that matters. The crafter takes the mods/asmodeum/runic/etc whatever and just combines it.


As I’ve said for months! Different bosses could drop Materials with different rarity and utility to craft all sorts of weapons. The Legendary matts already exist in the game, they just need to re-use the assets!

I’ve also given this feedback! They could do this even for crafting recipes to craft decent endgame weapons with low crafting skills.

And to not throw PvPers in the gutter, Devs could allow players to buy temporary 599GS Faction Gear that either expires in a few days or after certain repairs or once dura drops to 0. They literally could re-buy them forever, incentivizing a need for pvp.

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I agree, if they drop skins.

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