The 3 things I think Amazon need to address ASAP

In my opinion, there are 3 things that Amazon should drop everything to fix. It’s unclear what the priority for dev time is at the moment, but if I were them I would put the entire team on these 3 things:

1.) Rare drops - it’s clear that some items just aren’t dropping, especially crafting items. This is incredibly frustrating because I leveled armoring and arcana to 200 but that feels completely pointless because I can’t craft anything useful because the crafting items I need simply don’t exist in the game. This also ruins the economy, because we get a whole bunch of crafting materials that aren’t being put into high-end crafted gear because we can’t make it.

2.) Gear perks - this is pretty obvious and I don’t know how this isn’t fixed already. The only thing special about gear in this game and the only thing to really work towards in progression is gear with better perks. But most of the perks either don’t work (empowering fireball) or even worse they actually break the ability so you can’t even equip the item (unending thaw). This should have been fixed weeks ago.

3.) Tuning orbs cost too much - the reason people are doing a boring endless elite grind instead of dungeons is because tuning orbs are too hard/expensive to get. So if you don’t already have a high watermark before running gen/laz (using your own orb) then you are cucking yourself. I don’t understand why they made it so hard to run dungeons in the game. Tuning orbs need to be made significantly easier/cheaper to attain so people can actually run dungeons. I’ve no-lifed this game since launch with 333 hours and have some items at 580GS watermark but still haven’t seen the inside of Laz…something needs to change.

There are obviously way more bugs in the game that need fixing too, but imo these 3 are game-breaking and pushing people away from the game.

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  1. Outpost Rush.

(Obviously the guy above doesn’t like PVP much)

More of a PVP player than PVE, but have 1-2 wars every night so outpost being broken isn’t a game killer for me personally atm. Also #1 and #2 are literally the biggest changes for PVP lol. Being able to make gear with resilient and having your abilities actually work. Like I said, there are obviously way more bugs that need fixing, but those 3 are the biggest in my opinion.

On 3: not to mention that the gear score you are farming doesn’t even effect it, so we are all just wasting time farming these elite mobs outside with nothing to look forward to:

I don’t know, but I wouldn’t mind seen a piece of heavy armor dropping once every few days.

Yes, he should do the gamemode that is still disabled after 12+ days

really big ouf

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