The arenas are hopeless

Why is there no balasin in the arenas. AGS tells me to play arenas to get extra cast and they don’t give any fun. Every match I play against a healer on the opposing team and despite the fact that the opponents do not hit most of the skills, they do not do much, they win because they keep coming back to life and a healer is really hard to kill. Add queues with and without healer.

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I second this. It would make Arenas much more enjoyable and fairer for every team if they had a filter for queues with healers and queues without healers. The only people who would not support this are healers who like beating teams without healers unfairly.

Healer isn’t the issue. Try playing one :slight_smile:

Arena/OPR/Expeditions should be cross server.

Arena should have MMR or at very least, current gear score groupings.

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I like this.

Healers aren’t an issue until they’re 625 with BIS healing gear, and i’m 615 with just decent gear