The BAF needs the life of the staff?

As a level 52 healer with 5400 hp, 1300 physical mage and armor, 270 focus, 600 damage and a level 20 staff, I declare that the healer is EXTREMELY WEAK! I play through the defense branch, which allows me under 6 buffs, a sphere of defense and a beacon to heal allies for only 2500-3200 hp! This is incredibly low, because some of my friends have 7-9 thousand HP!
Some dry statistics, an approximate indicator of a healer with abilities - under the buff from bending light
Devine Embrace - standard heal about 3k hp, casting time 2 seconds, Karl!
Sacred Ground - about 320 HP per tick!
Light burst - about 900, recharge 15 seconds!
Sphere of protection - 270 HP per use and tics of 100 hp. CD in total heals about 1,000.
Lighthouse - about 370hp per tick and just because I have an amri staff!
Light hug - less than 6 buffs heals 3200, casting time 1 second
Where is IMBA here !?
I don’t have a point healing option when I’m under siege (I can only heal players in my group), and the mouse healing system itself is incredibly annoying!
All the healer can do now is use 2 skills with a 30 second cooldown and watch his teammates die. My character in a 5x5 battle can neither deal normal damage nor heal anyone.
In addition, I don’t have mobility and save, I don’t even have the opportunity to use Beason on myself, I am always the target number 1, and many have the opportunity to shorten my treatment, the treatment range is only 20 meters!
In the concept of the game, the skills are well chosen, they are interesting to use, they have synergy, but they themselves are very weak, the BAF needs the life of the staff
I will hear how high-level healers live and what problems they faced)

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