The blunderbuss is ruined after recent patch, with bad hitscan etc

The blunderbuss has been completely ruined after this recent patch. The hitscan on the blunderbuss is now complete bullshit, where some shots that are point blank are not detecting as a hit. The hitbox is designed now so you need to aim right for every pellet to hit, and the same goes for the shrapnel blast ability. You guys completely destroyed the blunderbuss, fair enough with the nerfs but to make it a pain to play with wrong hitbox is just enough. Another bug with the blunderbuss is that the mortar charge sometimes doesn’t go on cooldown.

You guys nerfed it to make the one shot combo less powerful, how about you make a nerf to the sword and shield which, which is completely overtuned with it’s way too long range leaping strike and shield stun. Shrapnel blast is really bad now aswell, because of the 1s delay before the bomb explodes, I personally think that’s too big of a nerf it should be around 0.5s.


Personally, I feel that if the current meta is bow like a machine gun and flamethrower like a meme then BB has to be the same as it was before the May update so that BB players they have a chance to fight back.

Now you see. Even looking for players BB is too little and bruiser is almost incapable of resisting 2 weapons FS and Bow. I don’t understand why they don’t look at SnS but just focus on BB while SnS does Stun so effectively like Leap → Shield Blash

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Blunderbuss bug sucks… It’s similar to the fire staff/war hammer bug before where it wasn’t hitting

This is all nonsense

I’ve read the Unload passive in the left side of the BBs Skill tree is causing the Pellets passing through the target.

Currently i’m not at home but i will test this for myself this evening.

No, it’s no nonsense at all.

The changes that went live have made it feel far less fluid, increased TTK, and made shrapnel a useless skill against anything, player or mob, that’s moving. I understand the need to tone it down situationally from where it was, but:

  • The bomb delay on shrapnel definitely feels longer than 1.0 and as a result I’m seeing a much lower percentage of hits - it feels close to useless on anything that’s moving. You have to be very close anyway because of the in your face range on the actual bomb so it doesn’t take much movement at all on your target’s part to cause a miss…and the bomb range is too short to make leading a moving target viable.
  • Basic attack queueing is gone which causes a much clunkier feel while TTK has gone up noticeably.
  • Some skills had flat damage reductions via reduction in pellets
  • And a new bug where it often just flat out misses completely…and not rarely. (Unless a new bloom was introduced we don’t know about…in which case it’s not a bug but it’s also not good). Some reports suggest that this is caused by Unload, but untraining unload to fix it would also be a DPS loss.

I don’t mind the nerfs just all the bugs around it is making it hard to play.

I love the BB and the game play that comes with it, so i have stuck to using it even with the nerfs.
Its just these bugs that are what is really hard to deal with.

Half my shots just don’t hit for no reason and if you use ability well spamming standard attacks, the ability fires off but just flys into the either doing nothing… ( i think this is something due to the ability queuing)

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This. Explained so well, about how the bb feels right now. And yes the bomb delay feels way longer than 1s it’s near useless all it takes is 2 steps and you won’t get hit by it, and when your enemy has taken 2 steps the bomb hasn’t even exploded yet

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