The boatman Charon!

Charon appears at a shore demanding a gold coin for you to take the boat.
Smelting creates the coin.
Giving your coin to Charon you are taken out into the storm and you arrive at the shore of Acherusian. Instead of going down to … an extremely tall mountain appears before you. Your first trip up is running up to open the waypoint. At the top you speak to Hermes.
He asks, “Here to die are you. Where is your board?”
You reply, “I don’t have one.” Your reply gives you patterns to learn and you’re involuntarily ported back to the mainland. Make or buy a board on the tradepost if there. Don’t forget the parachute. Both become bound upon acquiring from the tradepost or traded to you from the creator. Woodworking creates the board and weaving creates the chute. The better the materials used the more durable. Choosing a faction is required to equip any level board and parachute.
Arrival a second time you take the waypoint up to the top of the mountain. Your board equipped 4 options appear.
The first is shown as 3 revolving coins. Travel is at 3/4 speed. Timber board and linen parachute or higher required!
The second is shown as 1 hand pointing to a cavern opening. Travel is “normal” speed. Lumber board and sateen parachute or higher required.
The third is shown as a person slicing a second in half. Travel is 1 1/2 normal speed. Wyrdwoood board and silk parachute or higher required.
The fourth is the revolving words… JUST PLAIN STUPID Travel is 2x normal. Ironwood board and infused silk parachute required!
Choosing you step up to the cavern and enter. A 60 second que to enter.
Crashing before you reach the bottom leaves a body for a short time. The body must be avoided. Crashing sends you to the mountain bottom with the waypoint disabled until you run to the top and reopen. Crashing into a body leaves the waypoint open. Your parachute used at a body will lift you over it. It also slows you when used. Board and parachute cannot be repaired.
3/4 speed use your parachute 4 times
Normal speed 3 times
1 1/2 speed 2 times
Stupid 2 times
Challenge - 2 people both having completed a normal run may enter together for a race at 1 1/2 or 2x speed. Parachute use is 2 times. A 60 second que to enter.
Leaderboard - Displays the best times for the 4 travel speeds and challenge. It also shows the percentages for factions entered.
Exiting the game returns you to the mainland.

Basic - You are taking a 5 minute any speed surfboard trip down the inside and outside of the mountain. Successfully reaching the bottom the waypoint is open.
Surf the floor!
Surf the walls!
Loop up across the ceiling and back down!
When outside don’t launch yourself off the mountain!
It’s the ride from hell and Charon is here to grant you passage!

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