The Bow Shoots Bowling Balls

Every other weapon in the game would miss if you fired this high over a targets head, with the bow, it counts as a headshot. Is this the problem with the bow? Is the weapon so fundamentally weak that you have to increase the hitbox in order to make it viable? I don’t think this is fair for mages or any other ranged class, bring this back into line with the other weapons and buff the rate of fire on the bow or something else.


Man, honestly.

I tried the bow, honestly gave it a shot. And by shot i mean all of the shots that just went through the targets head. This weapon is a pain in every possibly way to use with the time of travel, drop ect.

I still have a bad taste in my mouth for how bad it was for missing, and going right through everything i shot at. But i am honestly glad they retuned the hitbox.

Is it too big? Probably, but i much rather it be viable and working, than what it was by far.

The only thing harder to aim in this game than the bow was is the throwing hatchets x_X


Yea they made it noob friendly. No one asked for a bigger hit box


I think they overdone it for sure, but I’m sure I saw countless people asking for a bigger arrow hitbox on this forum.

LOOOL, its because the bow cross hair is actualy wrong and you HAVE to aim above the target to the right side to hit things accurately, try test shooting the same target on the bottom left and you will have to have your crosshair a lot closer. Also you say its not fair on mages but mages have always had a huge hitbox???


Sorry but you don’t know what you’re talking about.
Bow crosshair is trash, arrows don’t go to the center of the crosshair like they do with other weapons.

Also if you do tests with bow and FireStaff you gonna see that the Bow has the same hitbox as FireStaff always had.
You’re straight up lying or you don’t have a clue about this subject.


Lol hey go find a player to fight and then come back with bow firing bowling balls. Man you guys get killed by weapon and its no longer trash tier and come straight to forums to complain. This is great example of terrible illustration of a weapons performance in a controlled environment. The bow still has drop off, still has to be lead on moving targets, still have to waist stamina on max damage, still have to buy arrows, and still has garbage perks.

You clearly have an agenda to try to get people to complain enough to get bow nerfed into the trash tier again.


im just going to leave this one here so ppl can see the difference between musket and bow the range and rate of fire both has…

it got buffed for noobs. I was already hitting my shots. It was supposed to be hard to to hit. We wanted a damage buff not this.

Try that on a player now instead of an object.

Bows hit box is not bowling ball. These statements are ridiculous. Its the size of the player. You can miss over head. You can miss to the left. You can miss to the right. To the right seems odd to people that dont play bow because the arrow skews to the left and down some. Also med to long distance headshots have arrow drop so if you aim over head thats actually what you want to aim for to hit the head.

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Lol let me guess bow user?? :laughing:

Lol let me guess hit scan musket user sitting on rocks shooting into forts?? :roll_eyes:

thing is, its not too big its the same as firestaff and close to heavy atack from IG. Now it would be okay to nerf the hitbox from every weapon, not just the bow.


People asked for a working hit box.. They wanted one where if you were stationary and aimed at stationary target, that it would actually hit. Prior to the patch this was not the case. By all accounts that probably meant making it bigger.

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Lol you’ve got to be joking! Bow does not shoot bowling balls and the hitbox is as big as the person. Arrows literally went through people before the change and now it is the same size as firestaff, so if bow’s hitbox is reduced every ranged should be. Bow was trash for months and now people can actually use this weapon and they have a chance at being competitive and trolls like you cry to nerf it because you were finally killed by one and you can’t stomp them like you have been doing. The perks are still trash and the damage on light shots is low, their is still ads after shots without dodging, stamina recharge was nerfed and bow relies on dodging for damage, and you have to lead all of your shots still while accounting for drop off…

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Here let me re-post this from another thread to disway all the bullcrap talk I hear about how OP the bow is and all the OP damage it does and how you dont have to aim because of bowling ball size hit box…

Notice a few things in this picture.

  1. Thats a hit for 740 damage
  2. I am aimed right at the head
  3. You can still see the 789 dmg crit shot still fading away
  4. He even has rend debuff on him

Thats a 625 laz bow and I have a ring with extra thrust dmg and 355 Dex.

Enough of the bow is OP nonsense. All the people that like to talk shit about bow never show anything to back it up. I show the truth. Can I hit for 5k? Sure if you are in some stupid meme build with light armor and 50 con and probably no resilient.

There is no bowling ball hit box. A little left and its a miss. A little right and its a miss.

@Soluss Bro you don’t have dodge buff, no orichalcum arrows, not a crit and not a heavy attack.

You’re missing like 5 different steroids. You’re also using emerald. Which is a PvE gem. 30% of something with 1 million HP is 300k HP to burn with an emerald.

Players that have 15k HP at 30% is 4.5k HP threshold for the gem to work. That’s like two hits from death anyways.

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You can see the timer on my screen showing that I just used the dodge buff,

I had ori arrows equipped. Its OPR so you get infinite and the ori arrows just need to be slotted. There is a crit there for 789 damage you can see it slightly faded… hence why the timer on the screen shows I cant use a dodge buff yet because I just used it…

I always use ori arrows. Even for bunny rabbits because im too lazy to change them…

Correct its not a heavy attack. I shouldnt need to use a heavy attack to get more than 789 damage.

Correct on the gem. Forgot to switch it out after a dungeon run. So add what 15% damage maybe? Wooptie doo.

I also have a honing stone running so what are these 5 steroids I’m missing?


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