The bugs are back!

Movement bug :white_check_mark:
Stuck in war or OPR after match :white_check_mark:
Quit craft window with no reason :white_check_mark:
GUI does not display buss/debuff :white_check_mark:
melee attackes not landing :white_check_mark:

Wrong SW release? :pensive:

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feels like it, especially when katy bragged about there being 5 different versions of the game, i cringed then cried.

tbh i wouldnt be surprised if they were pushing incomplete versions, weve seen things like the gemstone dust fix on the PTR for mutator orbs not make it live for patches, and little things fall through the cracks, while certain stuff gets pushed early.

im sure they have good reasons for it, but its getting old >.<

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true had the crafting attempt failure yesterday

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