The caches from mutation orbs were disrespectful thrash

the loot from the caches were horrible, i feel like i have been scammed


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I would love to have only one legendary instead of 4- crappy epics

I opened 10 mutation boxes, got one legendary, void gaut ANGRY EARTH BANE + SHIRKING FROST + KEEN at least went for perfect salvage

that looks like the loot every time when i run a m10 :joy:

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Agree.ffs Gs 625 should NOT get GREEN items,that is shame!!

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usualy on m10 i get at least 2 legendaries :frowning:

less loot but better ones!

I opened 37 Genesis Cache’s and only got 2 named items. this is kinda a slap to the face.

I opened 40 odd tempest crates hoping I’d get the last bit of the Sagacious set. Didn’t get a single piece of the set at all. I’m not convinced it even is in the loot pool of the crates, which would be dumb.

If it’s the pants u won’t get it from the chest

Gloves and boots actually.

opened 50 Mut caches witha bout 5 named items. Horrible. Peace NW

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we were scammed

Bro as soon I knew about this, I saved 15 Lazarus keys.
Yesterday I opened everything and got Lazarus Bow 600 without farming it, and at least 7k :open_mouth:

Bad luck I guess :confused:

The fact that dynasty level 60 gear wasn’t in the caches was a joke.

I think the main problem was shards.It should have been in such a way that if you could open M10 you would get 4k shards from the box for example.And also the Isabella gearset is not present in the box but well its too late now.

super big letdown. when will there be a let up

Honestly for me, they were pretty good just from a standpoint of giving a lot of materia… from my orb caches, I was able to craft the raiders hat from tempest and blessings of forefathers ring from depths that I failed to get running many many dungeons. The caches were well worth it to me.

I got some named items and some decent stuff