The chain of light attacks

When playing around with all the weapons I have following thoughts on two-handed weapons’ light attacks.

Overall add a third chain, it just feel more natural when the one-handed weapons got them.

after two light attack, add a 360° light atrack that deals 110% dmg

after two light attacks, add an uppercut animation that hit in a 90° cone (still melee range) that deals 120% dmg.

after two light attack do a 360° spin attack that deals 110% slash dmg.

My reason behind this is to make it a bit more interesting when chaining light attacks, and also add a “carrot-on-the-stick” with a little added dmg and flavour (here mostly aoe) to do so.
It is still a risk as most enemies will not allow you to finish this chain, but with a tank, you will be able to finish the chain for added dmg, while waiting for cooldown.

Skill trees could stay the same, I see no reason to change them based on the addition of an extra light attack animation.

I have no idea if this is good for balance, but I just feel they should have three chains to match their one-handed counter parts on attacks, instead of time it takes to attack.

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