The character won't move

At 5:30pm (CET) my game suddenly shut down. After spending 4 hours queuing and logging in, my character cannot move. Avatars of players in the city do not move. EQ won’t turn on. The general menu works and so does the chat. The problem is on two computers - Win10 and 11. The counter of the last “contact” with the server only grows.
I can’t see weapons, and drinking potions doesn’t work. My friends can see me, but I can’t see them.

New characters on other servers work normally.

Known issue. Check this link:

Ton of us are waiting for a fix.

Had that happen in the closed beta. Their way to correct it was to log out for an hour then try again. Was a huge pain but it did work.
Have been getting weird freezes again but able to crouch switch weapons and roll to correct it.

I don’t know about the issue with closed beta, but there are multiple people who haven’t been able to move after 40+ hours. I myself logged out for over 20 hours and I still can’t move.

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