The consequence of the server merger is a horror for me

I’m guessing raw resources

Raw resources at .01? Probably a heavily botted server that will balance out if that is the case.


That’s generally the only thing that fluctuates like that on my server. Everything else falls into one of two categories:

Prohibitively expensive end game gear or things like potions and low level stuff that is unsellable so ends up getting dumped on the ground.


I don’t bother selling anything sub 580, unless it has insane perks

A horror?

First cheaters and exploiters took away everything players worked hard to earn.
Now the devs to it to everyone.

This game’s systems are a total fail.
Completely separating Settlements from player influence could have avoided a lot of issues.
And if the devs can’t get a handle on bots (which they apparently can’t) then additionally making the game solo friendly would completely thwart bots as well.

AGS has bitten off more than they could chew with basically experimental systems. Players who paid honest real world money to play New World did not sign up to be Social Experiment Lab Rats.


Sounds Like some Single Player Game would suit you better.

There is constantly Changes to the Game that Drive Prices Up and down.

Some people earn on it, Others lose, the winners are those who adjust to the New Reality.


Just wait a little bit. If you had something you were consistently selling at 2.5 on your old server then there should still be a market for it in the new server. Who ever was buying your goods before will eventually see that product at .01 and eventually balance out the market.

Unfortunately, you will never get 2.5 again (depends on what item specifically we are talking about) but that is just the nature of having more people. Markets are more stabilized and correct. If what you were selling is now super cheap, that means you were overpricing and were only able to do so because you were the only one/one of the few bringing these items to market.

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Server I left had very low taxes, and everything sold for big coin. Server I joined, high taxes, everything cheap minus 590+ items

It’s like moving to a new country…
All taxes, items for sale, etc, are always different than your homeland.

It just takes time to adjust.
And The ‘new’ server you are on needs time to adjust to the huge influx of new people. It will even out over time.


you can wait for paid server transfers and find low population server to enjoy your quiet life. i might do the same xd


You reap what you sow. Sounds like you were milking a lot of other players on your old server and now it’s bitten you on the arse.


The fact that your company had a territory with the majority of the players between level 20 and 40 when the game has been out this long shows how sad of a state your previous server was in. Owning territories and Wars are an end game activity. The fact that your company had a territory was an extreme outlier and beside other “dead” servers it would not be possible.

As others have asked I am really curious what you were selling for 2.5 previously that is now only worth .01. I really can’t think of any items that would have such a massive swing in value.

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Change can be scary , confusing and difficult.

In any area of gaming the age old mantra of

Adapt and overcome

Holds true here.

Unfortunately you adapted to the game as it was never intended to be played, that being low pop. This isnt your fault, you will need to adapt to the change and thats a constant in all parts of life not just gaming. Use this as a learning opportunity.

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Don’t ask to loud or we will get another increase to needed crafting xp to level up which cushioned it when the trading posts were combined.

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Sounds like someone was listening to streamer/youtuber bad advice and got screwed.
There is a hand full of “content creators” out there that put out the dumbest “GET RICH FAST” videos and they are hilariously inept.


simple welcome to an actual MMO, obv u cant sell junk for high price on popped server cuz guess what? surprise ur not the only one farming it anymore and about the territorys obv its made for “large” scale 50v50 organized battles so dno what u expect to be mergd into more popped server but guess what u at least already have other people to play with not like many others of us

I bought up all the Strong Helth Potions and Strong Mana Potions for pennies and sold them for 2.5 gold. Everyone was forced to buy at that price, because anyone who put in below that price, I immediately bought them up cheaper and sold them at a high price. There was nothing to be done about it. I did the same with raw resources, and other things, mixed in, that I didn’t think they could produce enough of to beat my prices. I could do this on the 70 person online server, but nost on the 600 person online server so many people are putting in underpriced products that I can’t even buy them all up for pennies, there are so many, plus they are being produced over and over again non-stop. I have to rethink my future strategy, because keeping the price of small items high in shops is no longer possible. I’ll find the rare parts I need to create a monopoly for myself again. So it will not be that I sell thousands of the cheaper ones, but fewer of the more expensive ones, but I will still be an exclusive distributor. So the formula is that I have a product that I set a high price and I keep it, I buy up all the products below it, I don’t bother with the higher ones because they will buy mine cheaper anyway. The main thing is that my product should be the first in the queue that they are looking for.

You’re sad because you can’t rip people off anymore? Cry me a river.


This is business. Fair business. I’ll find another way to get that money to myself, don’t worry. You’ll pay me, you just won’t know it, just go shopping.