The Crafting Slog Exasperation

I do like crafting in MMOs in general.
And I’ve been slogging through the various professions as I can.
I got Cooking to 200 - which was honestly a piece of cake.
I got Armoring to 200 - which wasn’t bad since you could switch between Oric, iLeather and iSilk.
Then a week or two ago, I started to build to get Weaponsmithing from 150 to 200.

Prior to the last crafting update, it would require around 1,379,500 xp to achieve.
There were several sites online indicating that approximate xp, so I buckled down to handle the slog.

That’s about 211 oric rapiers, each granting 6552 xp.
So that’s approximately 2100 oric ingots, or maybe with salvage it’ll only take 1759 to 1919 ingots depending on your luck.

It takes a while (or a whole lot of gold) to get 2100 oric ingots, so when I finally crafted them all, I was set to attempt to complete weaponsmithing.

But alas, the 1,379,500 xp was not going to be enough. That was only capable of raising my weaponsmithing from 150 to 169.
It seems like the xp requirement went up to somewhere near to 3,831,944 xp, requiring 585 oric rapiers, or somewhere near to 5850 oric ingots.

How depressing.

I thought the 2100 oric ingots was plenty of grind, but I guess I was not close to the new reality.
The 5850 oric ingots
made from 11,700 starmetal ingots
made from 70,200 iron ingots
and somewhere around 40,950 flux added
would have to be acquired to make that journey from 150 to 200.
(And oh, how much charcoal would that be, too!)

Was it really necessary to expand the grind to that level?


NW doesn’t force you to choose a profession. It just strongly encourages it.

Most of my skills are hovering around the 100-120 mark. Just the time it takes to gather the materials is the bummer. But then you run out of the low tier mats so you have to go get more of that. Sure you can buy the stuff but I’m a cheapo

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Without giving you any benefit in doing so. That’s the biggest pain point.

But honestly, the developers that greenlight a crafting system that requires you to craft thousands of weapons / robes / etc. and waste HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of resources should get fired.

Crafting in this game is pure insanity that rewards no benefit at all. Now you may say you don’t need to craft, true that. But it’s such a central point of the game, it’s mind-boggling to me who thought it would be fun to make crafting so so so so so grindy.

The benefit is that each profession has fewer competitors within that profession.

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