The Critical Damage being additive was a start, but there are other wrong factors in damage calculation

We’ve succesfully made more than a single damage and healing calculator for New World. And with that, we found out severe flaws on the damage calculation. I’ll be brief and say what needs to be addressed.

These issues are all present in the PTR still.

  • Critical chance is way higher than expected, either in PvE, PvP or against Target Dummies. Can you elaborate what’s going on?
  • Rogue weapon perk is giving Critical Damage instead of Backstab damage. The 200 Dexterity perk is correctly giving backstab damage to everything, even Bows and Muskets.
  • Rend is actually a damage buff multiplier, while Fortify is a damage debuff multiplier. Please make them correctly reduce absorption like Armor Penetration does.
  • Headshots cannot be a critical hit. It’s already additive with Critical Damage, so it wound’t be a big difference to let them be able to critically hit for a bit more. Otherwise, critical damage is pointless for Muskets/Bows/throw Hatchet or Spear if you aim for the head. An alternative is to make it a forced critical with a backstab like most weapons.
  • Please identify headshot with a skull besides the damage number instead of showing it in Orange. Leave orange text for true critical damage only, it’s very misleading right now.
  • Please show the value for the 100% Healing value for Life Staff and Void Gauntlet. Right now the skills say that it’s based on Weapon Damage, but its misleading since weapon damage scales differently than Healing, albeit using the same formula structure.
  • Also on the Healing, isn’t it better to make any form of healing a separate, negative form of damage instead of it being handled as a status effect/buff? It’s not only misleading, but leads to input lag and probably processing issues.
  • Please pick a term for Healing that does not benefit from Outgoing Healing, such as life steal or consumables. Received Healing works for them, so it’s very misleading right now as well.

Thank you!

About the calculator itself, it’s probably going to be posted somewhere else. The plan is to integrate it into NWDB.


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