The current game feels very confused in what its trying to be

Its a PvP game with no real incentive to PvP. Its a PvE game no real goals beyond leveling crafting, but for no real reason. Its like the game has these two modes that are dependent on eachother but completely nonfunctional together at the same time. I really don’t mind the game putting so much effort into its PvE, but it is pretty clear to anyone by the time they reach 60, or well before, that the game was originally designed to focus on PvP. It sort of feels like in the rush to add PvE content, you guys completely forgot to rework the underlying systems in the game that were already designed to be dependent on PvP.

Resource nodes are server-side. Animal kills can be stolen. Everything about how these systems work screams that they were made with the ability to be contested in mind, yet there’s no incentive to fight over them when no one wants to bother flagging up. I am not saying that the game should revert back to forced-pvp. But you guys really need to figure out what the game is trying to be and stick with it. As it stand, you’re trying to be two completely different games at once.

The foundation of the game is fun, but these two conflicting ideas are already causing problems. Look at the games economy. Starmetal tools are now being sold for 1/5th of what they cost to craft. With everyone crafting them, and not enough players on the server buying them, tools like this will never be worth crafting for profit again. This is an example of where the item economy is still dependent on a system where players can lose their items. These PvP/PvE dependent systems that are conflicting with eachother are going to need to be reworked.

At some point you are going to have to make some people unhappy. Either a PvE game with PvP as an afterthought, or a PvP territory game that heavily incentivizes PvP engagements. Right now its hard to see where either game mode is going to be long term.

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Mainly replying to the first paragraph:

I don’t wanna come off as rude but have you ever played an MMO at launch? MMO’s are primarily about end game content and when one launches, they hold content for a few weeks to a few months so the sweaty’s don’t blow through the content in a few days and complain that there isn’t enough for them to do without having any notion of what it takes to create the content. The PVE content is not nearly as bad as you claim and I would love to know what your expectations actually are.

Side questions:
What’s wrong with server side resources? That is the best and most common way to prevent hacks and exploits in online games so I’m very curious where you’re trying to get at with that.

What is there to figure out? The only possible fix is to put a cooldown on kills to look your kill but other than that it’s really not that broken. Just farm in a less populated area maybe?

Final comments:
I truly feel there is no constructive criticism here, nor are there many valid concerns. I think people need to remember that making the game PERFECT FOR THEMSELVES doesn’t mesh well with a few million other players looking for slightly different experiences. In my opinion, both PVP and PVE feels great. Sure there are tweaks and tune ups they need to make but that’s every game everywhere. I think the game knows where it’s going and maybe just you are confused :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, you come off more confused than rude.

You clearly don’t understand what the post is about. Its not about their lack of content. Its about their lack of clear goals for the game and how the two sides, PvP and PvE are currently conflicting with each other instead of building on eachother. The game was designed for hardcore PvP, and then rapidly switched to PvE. A lack of content is understandable. The problem is that all the systems are still tuned for a hardcore PvP game without the hardcore PvP. You are mistaking “endgame” for a lack of abundance of content rather the lack of any coherent gameplay loop for either PvE or PvP.

PvP is supposed to be their endgame loop for launch. Only it doesn’t exist because there is no compelling reason to flag for pvp.

The point of bringing up serverside nodes is because its an example of a system in the game that was designed before flagging was optional. As for preventing hacks and exploints, I don’t know where you get this data from. Plenty of MMOs use server-side nodes for games without any issue. If you want to make that sort of claim, please back it up with sources and actual data, not generalizations and anecdotes.

The entire point of this post is pointing out that the game still has remnants of a completely different design direction that is conflicting with the change in direction since. Thats not a debate, thats a clear fact that anyone who isn’t arguing in bad faith can see. You may not feel like its constructive, but people who are offended by truths usually don’t see the sense in them, so it is what it is, I guess.

Yeah, you didn’t understand any of my post either lol it’s cool, I’ll let someone else decipher all this, I don’t have time to re-explain literally every question I was asking

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