The current lightarmor meta

hey broskys and sistahs
just wanted to talk/rant about the current OPR light armor meta. i´m a melee player and i think its extremly frustrating right now to be one due to light armor. all you need to do is press the good old shift key twice aaaaaand… you´re gone.
its extremly hard to catch light armor users (melees or ranged) unless u play light armor yourself but even then its kinda hard to keep up depending on your weapons you are playing.
healers with light armor and a rapier are nearly unkillable unless they get pinned by 5+ players.
sooo when i realized how strong light armor is right now i started my own experiment. i bought a 590+ light armor for a few K gold and started playing OPR with the same weapon combo and same build. the results where pretty interesting because i always got a positive KD, died way less due to the light armor roll and got so many kills that i was a top 10 player in OPR. i enjoyed playing with light armor actually but then i realized that it forced me to play that way in order to have a good ingame experience and lets be honest here: pressing a key that makes your letters BIGGER just to escape whenever you want in every single fight is kinda… im going to say it: skillless.
IMO this should be nerfed: maybe reduce the stam regen or give every armor type the same dodge roll (like in other MMOs) or reduce the distance of the light armor dodge.
what do you guys think?
please dont be toxic and stay on topic


Community needs to make up their mind, but for sure armor balance needs to be constantly looked into by Devs.

There are several topics from heavy armor being OP and on the next topic light armor is OP on the same forum page. Heavy players hate light players, light armor players call heavy armor players skill-less and vice versa. There is no consensus of one armor class being OP at current time at least for a new player as myself.

IMHO they need to take a step back on balancing armor, at least until Arenas have been out for a month so people could see what the meta is going to be.


The PTR is already going to nerf stamina regen. As of right now though, catching light armors is not as hard as you may think. Yes they a bit of distance traveled per roll. But getting outplayed & caught & cc’d they’re very dead. In melee, I’d recommend not chasing a the light armor for the kill. You don’t benefit from chasing other than getting caught or wasting what would be capping objectives. I’d also recommend in a squad, whom ever is taking point, If they cc a rolly polly, follow up & delete.

I haven’t had much trouble catching light as melee. I catch them with a very underrated spell lol.

The current meta is very fast pace. Probably won’t be as much after update.


Light armor dodges are nerfed on PTR:

  • stamina regen delay
  • slow affects dodge distance

It should do the work. Live version od light dodges is ok but with how fast stamina regens ppl are doding all the time.

Problem is it cant be nerfed to much since its only way light armor users dont die. They avoid dmg. It will be hard to balance so its going to be always to much or not enuoght when it comes to light armor mobility.


well tbh problem is still there due to bad hitboxes as a melee imo. maybe they could buff the blockstability a little? what do you guys think? would help the tanks as well and heavy armor users.

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You have issues fighting light armor? What do you play? Heavy armor?


i played light armor myself and still had issues. now im playing med which brings even more issues but i dont care anymore tbh i dont wanna play a certain way.
the biggest problem right now is that everyone is playing ranged/light armor and as a melee it is impossible to catch them even with light. its just so unbalanced the only players who can kill ranged/light armor are ranged players while ranged players can kill melee or ranged. just feels unfair. the hitbox with melee weapons is just the biggest yikes ever. enemies can just press “W” and you cant hit them

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Thats the light armors main point? What else it offers? that extra 14% damage? or that you can get oneshotted?

To me it sounds like, you just simply dont know the roles of the different armor types? You arent suppoed to catch a light armor in heavy, you are a tank not an agile dps. Mediums are the jack of all trades, better and worse in everything than the other two. You should pick the armor type depending on what you want to do, if you want tons of kill you are obviously shouldn’t pick a heavy armor tank build.

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This is not true. There are many range builds and they are not same in terms of mobility. As i said in other topics:

  • dex build have bonus to dodges cost - its super strong
  • musket/bow have movment bonuses
  • rapier

So if you play light mage with out rapier - you are not that much mobile. Easy to catch. But in other hand you are bow/rapier in light - they its super hard for mele users to catch you.

So issue is not light armor. Issue is dex + rapier + dex ranged weapons (movment bonuses),.

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lemme guess: you play lightarmor?
maybe you dont understand that lightarmor users are unkillable right now. they can get away and kite you to infinity and back without even lifting a finger from the shift key. and btw its 20% more dmg with light armor and yes that is worth to wear light because of the dmg buff

that also yes

and as i said i played light armor melee as well and still struggled a lot. try to be nicer

Yes I do, since a ranged cant play anything other.

Now you cant, you only have 2 dodge and now with the stamina nerf its far from spamming.

Again not true, as everything else, those numbers in game are wrong thats closer to 14% extra dmg or less.

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looks to me like you are just offended you dont wanna adress the issue and have a civil discussion you just wanna make me look like i dont know the game and its mechanics while you know that isnt true. its easy to say that you get caught with light armor but i tested it myself. therefore you arguments are just nonsense and untrue

Where did I get offended? You didnt said anything that could make me. I pointed out the numbers because what you said multiple times is not true, and there is a big difference choosing light over medium for 4% extra damage or 10% for the amount of survivability you lose if you are suing light over medium.
And yes Im playing light and yes i do get killed a lot, usually way where I cant even react because I get oneshotted, by flankers or enemy rangeds or just by simply the zerg reach me. You cant spam the rolls, the stamina recovery delay is way too slow and the delay is too long to have more than 2 roll and then you would have to run without any for a few sec or you would have to exhaust yourself.
You tested it yourself, in your own biased way. You probably didnt run into the middle of the fights with light while you would with heavy or medium or even if you did as a light you already had to run out barely alive after 2 ability while the heavies and mediums slapping there each others for minutes.
Yes obviously a light player will be better running around and flanking than a heavy who would have guessed it, but a light will never hold a point as effectively as a heavy.

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So you cant? Cap

You can easily roll out of danger 9,5/10 times. Cmon

That ontop of the survivability that the armor gives.

Light Armor is the best Armor right now by a long shot. If you dont think so tell whey its not and why Middle or Heavy is better.

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Whats your problem with that? What else can a ranged play? Heavy?

9,5 times… I guess you are playing on a server where the majority is full heavy melees, noone runnign BBs, Mage builds, there are no rangeds and other light bruisers. two roll is still easily in the BB range, and still easily catchable by another light who roll after him and since hes winning hes the one who can afford to roll twice to continue the fight. Not even worth to mention rangeds, 2 rolls is nothing, all it means for a bow player is 1 or 2 miss out of the 10+ shots in that time.

What survivability the light offers over the medium? :smiley: The medium has a lot more damage reduction, way more iframes, and still have extra damage. Honestly everything you said is just personal opinions, yeah light is better if you are playing a assassin spec who would have guessed that.

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So you said Medium is basically better. Why arent you wearing Medium then?

Get a +stam acc and you can roll 3 times. Easy fix. And why would you get hit 8 out of 10 times from bows.

Zephyr cakes + blood lust sounds like it’d work a charm

Are you trolling honestly? Why would a ranged wear medium gear? The entire point of being ranged is to not fight melees and that way receiving less damage and can min max full damage even if it makes us weak in defense.

yes thats how you get the 2 roll, the third one will exhaust you so thats basically unusable, I thought i wouldn’t have to say this.
Anyway im stopping this here, because you are either trolling or lack basic knowledge but you are start to annoy me.

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