The current lightarmor meta

I think that need to reduce the armor ratings on medium and heavy armor because I can’t kill them easily.

What a bullshits. I doubt that some meelee will play light armor in the 50v50 war. Nobody plays like that.
In every game, mobility matters more. Mobility is skillful, it depends on how you play.
Not everyone will also be able to play on light, because there are simply no hands on pvp.
In my opinion, light armor is good for less people and less damage around you. It also depends a lot on how you can use it on pvp.Where there is a lot of damage around, it will not work.

Everyone on dry tree runs light at the moment (in arenas around 80%)

The reason light armor is overpowered.

-A light wearer with 4 to 5 shirking fortification absorbs as much damages as a normal heavy, shirking fortification should be based on armor rating, not 4% flat

-Shirking energy gives too much stamina to let them roll between people

-the roll is too long, it should not be faster than someone running.

And yes, when everyone on pvp servers switches to one armor type, it means it is overpowered.
Hell. I switched also, tired of running.
I wish I would see more diversity in good team compositions though.

Oh and the rapier… Roll run riposte, fleche out roll roll hit, riposte fleche out roll roll.
Come on, tell me it is skillful and I throw up.


See @Tonyo what are you saying now huh? Try to wiggle out of the hole

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Problem with armor is that constantly get adjust to PvP. If we nerv light armor this will kill off healers in expeditions. I have 10580 HP every boss and most strong mobs in mutated can do in one shot to light build over 11k damage the only way for me to survive this fights is a roll. Before that we could have heavy load so with 15k HP I did not need roll, but because PvP players keep complain healers have been force to light build. Which is fine but healer need roll in light build to survive mutated expedition. Players have to start thinking about every aspect of the game not just PvP.


I say keep the distances and everything else but change roll amounts depending on armour. Light armour 2 rolls, Medium 3, heavy 4. Why does it cost 50 stam for 1 dodge, but you can get a 3rd from 10 stamina? Makes no sense.

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just ignore him he doesnt have “basic knowledge” of the game and his opinion is “biased” because he only plays light. hahahahaha everyone play light in pvp and this is a fact. cause its OP to press one key and get away. you live longer in light than you do i heavy or medium

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this is a very good idea imo

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i guess we have to revive this topic. I still cant comprehend how LA is not getting nerfed. Those shitty assassin build that just run away with berserk and 123123123 rolls just can not get caught. They literally roll THROUGH grav well, mealstrom any ability that has a windup and do ridiculous damage after. All the threads complaining about new players entry into PvP this is one of the big problems. People abuse LA. Why do you even do more damage with LA? Is that some Magic Fiber that enhances the muscle power or brain capacity so the weapons hits harder oder spell are more spelly? Fix that shit

EDIT: Fuck yes im salty. an ape just trolled me for 5 mins before he decided to just kill me in 5sec. This is not fun and this is not fair


How many people in a war wear light vs medium/heavy?

Do you think that more people wear light in wars than anything else?

In fact rapier is the main issue. Just remove:

  • allegro
  • breath in

Limit riposte stun to ppl in front you player or just cap to 3 players or sth.

you can get the Shirking energy which grants you a fat boost of stamina when you dodge an attack (26 stamina) and on a relatively low cooldown. So yes, you can technically roll three times in light with a hearty ring and still have enough stamina to do a 4th roll. Some folks have stated the stamina regen delay was hardly noticeable in their usual shenanigans, so I don’t think that’s really a massive concern. The slow affecting distance is the big eye opener, however. Very nice.

Doesn’t need a nerf. It’s the only advantage light armor has over heavy. Heavy trumps in literally every other category. Heavy armor melee users (especially GA guys) can survive in the middle of 5 enemy players for ridiculous amounts of time. Yeah it might be a little annoying when it’s tough to catch light armor, but in heavy you’re near invincible.

My fully charged bow headshots, even with onyx and all the buffs from weapon tree, sometimes barely touch these guys, dealing maybe 1200 damage if I’m lucky. Which usually gets healed back within 2 light attacks.

So yes, light armor dodging is hard to catch and annoying. But it’s also annoying when it feels like I literally cant even make a dent in heavy armor players. Who I may add, still have insane mobility because of the nature of greataxe skills. Two sides to the coin, light does not need a nerf in any way.

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Mate, what are you talking about…

Here’s a challenge for you, try and go in heavy against 5 people then try the same thing with light and let us know which one survives…


i dont care about wars cause i dont do them like 90% of players dont care about wars. i care about OPR,arenas and open world pvp.

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avoiding dmg is more OP than getting less dmg. resistance is less OP then being invincible with light due to the roll. so it does need a nerf and there are not 2 sides of the coin there just players who abuse light armor and players who dont wanna play light armor. you are obviously an abuser


Exactly, I haven’t been in a war in over 4 months…

I can agree with the fact that light armour is plaguing opr, reason I don’t play it. HOWEVER, anyone who says that you are a bad pvp player for thinking that heavy is worse than light has no idea what they are talking about. I can tell you now that if you are light armour without having a specific role (healer/assassin), you will not be slotted by a company who knows what they are doing in any wars which matter.

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Still IMHO, light rolls have too many iframes.
I’d cut it to the middle roll only, and get diminished damage at beginning and end. You move further, okay, but take some damage, it’s a constant invul.

With 2 good pieces with earthy/nimble you can laugh your ass off while rolling away perma iframed. It’s the new perma grit, but worst.